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Are you focused on personal and professional GROWTH in 2021? If you are ready for unlocking more of the best in yourself, your health, your work and your relationships, I hope you will join us! This is the place for motivation, inspiration and community. And, every week I share keys for unlocking our growth on #tuesdaywithtammy. See you in the group :)

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I had Tammy to keep me focused on my next right step. Every week I knew that I could count on her to show up with exactly what I needed. Her consistency is unparalleled. Her drive is contagious. I’m beyond grateful to have found a coach like her, and I can’t wait to continue growing my business with her in 2021. If you want to meet your goals, get yourself a Tammy McKinney!  

Dr. Audra

"Tammy is a wealth of knowledge about life and business and understands that they go hand in hand. When Tammy offered her Mastermind for 2020, I jumped at the chance to work with her. She had a plan for each week, lead our zoom calls every Monday, and provided an abundance of information to help us stay focused in our businesses. Tammy consistently shows up and delivers. Through Tammy’s coaching, I feel much more organized and in control of my business plan and ready for 2021…even after such a crazy 2020 year. I highly recommend Tammy to help you achieve your personal and business goals"

Malesa Brauckman - Realtor

"I have completed two Mastermind courses with Tammy.   I have grown greatly from both. Not enough can be said about the benefit of doing life and navigating challenges with like-minded people that dedicate time to growth.  Tammy does a great job of facilitating discussion and does not think twice about challenging participants to be better and do better.  She has a genuine desire to help people improve their lives ..."

Terri Smith

I could go on and on about Tammy but people might think I’d lost my mind.  What I would give to be 20 again and be "Unlocking My Life” for the first time .. or even to know it was an option!

Ruth S.

"If there's one thing I know it's....I LOVE group settings. Especially when it comes to personal development. Surround yourself with others that want to be better versions of themselves and watch yourself grow!! <3 Thank you Tammy for investing your time and attention into me."   

Beth D.

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