Handling criticism

Criticism.  It's going to come at you.  It is not if but when.  What you do with it can grow you or derail you.

Rejection in some form is the greatest creater of our limiting beliefs.  I am doing so much work on self awareness these days.   Rejection can bring destruction of what we thought was real and safe and secure.   I am now realizing that it affects us all way more than we’d like to admit. We’re all either trying to heal from a past rejection, deal with a present rejection, or fear that an unexpected rejection is imminent.

These are my commitments for today to fight against the consequences of rejection in my own life so that I might add hope and encouragement to others as they deal with their own rejections. 

Know myself  in a deeper way

Humbly stand firm on the intentions, goals and commitments I have

Change myself where needed for greater freedom and significance

Accept myself, strengths and weaknesses

Focus on adding value to others

Live it * Own it * Love it