360 days til fabulous at 50 - a beginning...

5 days ago... I celebrated my 49th birthday.

First and foremost, I thank God for the woman He created me to be and the life I have been given to live.  What a ride it's been!

The trials and blessings of these first 49 years is mind blowing.   I fully trust that God wants me to continue to use all of it to learn, grow and share from.  

 At this point in my life, I have deep conviction on my primary purpose.   I am here each day to add value to myself so that I can add value to others.   In the overwhelming tasks and trials of daily living, life is best when this purpose drives my goals, thoughts, actions, words, prayers and emotions.

The desire of my heart is to never quit growing and learning and loving from all that life brings.  Growing is not a goal, but a life-long process that MUST be intentional.  I plan to invest great energy in reevaluating my intentions, goals, victories, failures and lessons learned, for the 360 days to come as I travel this last year to the half century mark of my life. 

Onward to "Fabulous at 50"...   LOL =>  Living it! Owning it!  Loving it!

Though this may sound like a bit of a boastful proclamation, I fully expect this year to be a vulnerable, challenging, humbling, life altering journey.   So... I am setting goals and intentionally pursuing fabulous outcomes.  The reality is that life happens and it is so very hard at times.  I have great faith that God can use all the ups and downs to add value to myself and encourage others.

Thanks for sharing a bit of my journey.   I pray that you are encouraged to live more wholeheartedly, own your own story, clarify your purposes and fill your life with peace and joy from learning and owning and loving  how fabulous you truly are!


Live it * Own it * Love it

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well." psalm 139:14

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