Friend or foe... Technology

Wisdom or fear?  

I wouldn't convert to an IPhone until I had a 12 hour drive with my teenager to train me on the new device.   These days, I am challenged by integrating all the piece parts to support a viable online business in our world of so many software apps and hardware advances.  Part of me really just wants someone else to build it or implement it and tell me how to use it.    

Is it to leverage knowledgeable resources to assist me or fear that I won't be successful learning on my own?  Dang, does this feeling make me feel old!

Designing and implementing new technology solutions was my primary career for 15 years.  It used to excite me to be a part of what could be accomplished with the computer to "improve" things.  My first job out of college was to convert all the executive secretaries to a PC from their stand alone word processor.   Many took retirement instead to avoid the technology transition.  I get that now!

Irony is having a degree and a successful IT career for many years and now being frustrated daily by the requirement to learn new technology.  Blogging, mail lists, social media, website development, marketing analytics.... sheesh!  Mostly, I am impatient and just want my ideas to be implemented without having to learn all the new "stuff" to make it work the way I envision it.   That would be the easier way, that would not teach me much, that would probably be expensive...  I do believe that I need to stay tech savy.  That's my choice.  It just takes so much time to learn.  

Ok, I am making the choice, giving myself grace, no more whining about it, I am all in!   I am figuring out all the new fangled technologies.  I am making the choice daily to overcome my intimidation and to take as long as it takes to learn what I need to for success.  

Googling on!  


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