The unplanned adventure

This summer, we got an unexpected vacation break from our current life activities and stressors.   We didn't even really know how much we needed to get "away" until we got on the road.

The husband said he had a week of vacation in July and where would we go?    It was about 10 days out.   Well...  I wasn't really thinking about going anywhere.  There have been lots of additional priorites and expenses this year.  A trip wasn't really on my radar.  

Of course, the first mention of a trip to the kids resulted in a list of places that required an airplane and/or passports and too much $$$ to do anything useful in a week: New York, DC, California, Greece...  Dad came up with the idea of driving to Yellowstone ....  1500+ miles each way. 

To be totally honest, spending 3000+ miles in the car all together was a big concern to me. We usually do love roadtrips but everyone had a lot on their minds lately.  Let's just say that everyone had their own reservations about the enjoyment factor of this trip, for that many hours in the car.

Something happened.  Prayers were definitely answered.  It was an awesome trip!

In 10 days, we saw the highlights of Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, seet Rocky Mountain towns, cousins, friends, entertainers, wildlife and some of God's most amazing landscapes.

Reflecting back on the keys to this awesome trip:

  • Answered prayer for the trip God wanted us to have together.
  • Once the direction, was decided, we grabbed the right attitudes.
  • Everyone worked really hard to get along and truly enjoy the time together.
  • We made it more of an adventure than a trip.
  • We embraced the car time for movies, studying, games and chilling.
  • We stopped when we needed to so that everyone could stay rested.  
  • With some planning, everyone packed plenty of car activities.
  • We had very little cell service which made for more creative time together.
  • We set a daily budget for food and everyone was mindful and participated in the choices.  
  • Allie made a constitution for the "McKinney Mini"  to keep the peace
    • No eating with your mouth open
    • Be nice to each other
    • Don't "pass gas" without a warning
    • Don't eat all the snacks
    • Laugh
    • etc... 
  • We set destination goals together but stayed flexible
  • Everyone worked together to find a way to enjoy whatever we ended up doing.
    • Photo ops galore
    • New instagram themes
    • Park Ranger programs
    • Hot tubs
    • Hikes
    • Searching for wildlife
    • Testing the freezing waters
    • Journaling 
  • Dad didn't mind driving the whole trip.  I was thrilled to just be a passenger.
  • College daughter was able to do her online course and still go.
  • We embraced the locations and the education of our stops.
  • We were respectful of each other's physical and emotional limitations
Of course, the unbelievable beautiful scenery and fresh air was so invigorationg and a refreshing change for our Texas selves.  

    Being away from all the responsibilities and challenges of the daily grind is so important.  I am thankful we took this opportunity.    Holler at me if you want more deets about the stops  we made.  

    More importantly, grab an opportunity for adventure and go!


    Live it * Own it * Love it

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