Creating a better future in uncertain times

 Today is election day 2020!

Yesterday, one of my closest friends since middle school asked me...

 “So, how are you helping people deal with the anxiety and fear and uncertainty around the election and the outcomes that disappoint them?”



We do not know what will happen on this Election Day.

Will YOUR feelings be mostly good or bad at the end of the day?  Will you have more anxiety and fear or less about the future?

We vote based on our own experiences, values and convictions. There will be disappointments about the outcomes.  We each get to choose how to move through the emotions and thoughts, and actions for creating the future.

My hope is that you desire to show up well for yourself, the people you care about, your clients and of course, for our country, regardless of the election results. 

Here are a few thoughts to support you through this week. 

Focus on who YOU are…  I do know for sure, that no matter what happens, I want to be my best self for my family, my kids, my followers, my clients and God.  Choose to be curious about showing up as your best self. Start with picking just 3 words that describe how you want to show up in the days to come.   

Focus on what YOU know to be true It’s easy to get caught up in speculation and misinformation. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to spend my energy on more drama about what could happen in the future. Choose to be curious about verifying what is true and the impact for the things that matter most to you.

Focus on YOUR acceptance… It is not likely that anyone will have all of the outcomes align with their votes on the ballot.  You are going to be disappointed about some of the outcomes. Choose to be curious about how to accept the things you cannot change so that you can move into positive and productive action. 

Focus on what YOU can do next…  There is always more to be done. It’s good to have clarity about where you are passionate and want different results for the future.  Choose to be curious about how you can impact change in the future.

Focus on YOUR productivity… It is normal to feel helpless and unmotivated when things don’t turn out like we hope.  Choose to use your curiosity, determination, strengths, focus, and support to keep moving toward what matters most to you and your loved ones. We each have within us the ability to keep unlocking whatever we decide is most important for our life.

Focus on YOUR well-being...  Give yourself permission to feel the emotions and be self-compassionate.  Choose to be curious about how to support your own mental, emotional, spiritual and physical stamina. Pray, meditate, exercise, rest, hydrate, eat and engage with people intentionally to care for your best self. 

Focus on YOUR compassion…. YES, there will be heighten hopelessness, anxiety, and fear for many people as a result of these elections.  Rather than how someone voted, choose to be more curious and open about what really matters to other people and why.  Showing compassion and encouraging well-being are great gifts we can give each other. 

Focus on YOUR growth...  We learn and grow when we are open to other people’s views and new information.  Choose to be curious and learn more about why people think, feel and act the way they do. Be a person of character that people respect, even if you voted differently.  

Focus on YOUR energy...  Be intentional to generate the energy you need to sustain the future you desire. Choose to be curious about the resources that can better support your well-being for the future.  Consider where you need more support for your best health, wealth, and relationships.

Focus on YOUR influence and impact… You are the answer to someone’s pain, problems, or desires. Now is NOT the time to play small.  Choose to be curious about your influence and put your best self in positions to make YOUR unique positive impact through your work, play & life. 

I am curious about the future.

I am curious about what life will be like for me, my family, my friends and my clients.

 I am curious about what we need to be doing today to prepare for the future.

When we are curious about the future, we are more diligent in our decisions, our focus, our energy and our resources today.

This 2020 election may not have all the outcomes you wanted. This year has not been the way anyone predicted.  Life's journey will always include disappointments.


The choices we each make today will shape the future. We must be curious and consider how our decisions every day might create future challenges or new opportunities or positive change.

Acting and speaking today with little thought for tomorrow is unlikely to end well.

Whatever the election results today, there is great joy, fulfillment & freedom that comes from your curiosity about unlocking your next level of influence & impact.

40 years later... honestly, we do not agree on everything. We value our relationship over political outcomes.  We do agree on loving people and choosing personal responsibility.  We agree that your influence and impact can create a better future. 

I do hope YOU agree that YOUR influence and impact can create a better future. 

Want more insight? Today on #tuesdaywithtammy I did a chat LIVE on FB about how curiosity and focus are some of the "Keys to creating a better future"

Jump on TODAY, at 12:00 noon cst.  Of course, if you can’t join us LIVE, you can always catch a replay posted on the FB Group page. 

I love people.

I believe we all have untapped potential.  

I believe that you can be a part of creating a better future. 

Choose to be curious about creating a better future.

Choose to be curious about your influence.

Choose to be curious about your impact.

YOU are worth it!  💜

Always with hugs,  


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