Harness the passion for good

I am a passionate person.  I can find myself  very excited, very anxious, very sad, very happy, very angry, very (insert emotion here)...   I am easily activated by my passion for whatever circumstances the day brings.  "Even keel" is not really a good description of my daily flow.  I am good with being a passionate person.  I want to be constructive wtih my passion.

I now realize that being a passionate person is a big responsibility.   Most of us realize that our mood and attitude can greatly impact the people around us.  When my emotions and attitudes are strong, they pull others in.  It can be a positive or negative effect on the mood of those around me.  

My passion has definitely gotten me less than awesome results.   Redirecting anger at my children that stems from somewhere else is a good example.  Undeserved frustration takes them to an unhappier place in an instant.  Conversely,  starting the day with positive talk and excitement about the possibilities, usually brings for happier environment for everyone.

I truly want to be productive with the energy behind the feelings.  The key to harnessing my passion for good is to be more mindful of how I am feeling before I express myself.  For me, it's taking note when my emotions have changed to an extreme and stepping away from everyone long enogh to regroup.  If I am aware of what emotions are controlling my actions, I can harness it for the greater good.

I know that I am not responsible for everyone's mood but I am for my own and the impact it has on those around me.

Live it * Own it * Love it

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