Starting with grace

Current basic life configuration:

  • I have 2 school aged children, 1 in college and 1 living close by with my grandbaby and son-in-law
  • I have been married for almost 26 years
  • We live in a fairly small, remote lake town in Texas
  • Our extended family is scattered throughout the country

Current basic life aspirations before turning 50:

I desperately want to cherish as much time as possible with each of my family members. Simultaneously, I want to add value to others through my business and personal endeavors.  I am determined to get into the best physical, emotional, and spiritual shape of my life.  I am craving more time with my friends, managing all aspects of the household.

Where on earth do I start to really get a handle on succeeding with goals and personal growth for this year?


Being intentional about reaching goals while living to enjoy the current moment is the single biggest challenge of my life. My first goal is to be realistic with myself about what are realistic goals for the next 12 weeks of summer.  I am starting with identifying my top 10 priorities as of this moment, all of seemingly equal importance...

  • Enjoy the time I have with my children in summer
  • Write everyday
  • Exercise a minimum of 30 - 60 minutes per day, with children as much as possible
  • Tend to current medical issues and maintenance in the family (lots of appointments)
  • Define and implement necessary nutritional changes for myself and the family
  • Effectively implement expectations for chores and fun with the children
  • Support my grown children and husband with love, in non-enabling ways
  • Appreciate our friends and enjoy them
  • Study everyday
  • Deliver value through my business

Whew, even 10 feels like it's too many but these are most important to me for the next 12 weeks.  Of course, every item has a gazillion details to actually achieve success in any of these areas.


Definitions of grace:  unmerited assistance given humans for their regeneration;  the quality or state of being considerate or thoughtful

We do tend to be hardest on ourselves, don't we? The defeatist, negative self talk can be the loudest voice we hear all day.  The voice of grace is the one that affirms ourselves for getting up in the morning and acknowledging each productive thought, emotion and action we have.   Accepting affirmations and help from other is to accept grace.  To be considerate and thoughtful to self is also accepting the of true power of grace.

Grace has the power to transform thoughts, actions and emotions from feeling like a failure to living victoriously.

In a life full of conflicting priorities for time and resources, implementing daily grace for self is the first intentional goal I have for my 360 to Fabulous 50.  I intend to pray for it, be mindful of it and celebrate it each day.  I might need a reminder on my phone every 30 minutes for a while...


Live it * Own it * Love it

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