Can you hear me now?

Why do good communication skills matter?

I’m sure you can list examples of where it has been challenging for you to get desired results from a conversation, social media post, phone call, text, e-mail, etc. 

I’m sure you can also quickly find examples of where you have no idea what another person was really trying to communicate.  Maybe you think of times when you were misunderstood or unintentionally hurt someone else’s feelings.

We have endless platforms to communicate on today.   The number of options for written and spoken communication has never been greater or more available.   If there is a will, there are ways to reach an individual or the masses.   I don’t know about you but I have TOO many ways to be communicated with.  The places are nearly endless where we can be reached, receive notifications and dings!

We live in a world of so much noise.   We all compete to communicate with the noise that others allow into their heads and hearts.  The noise effects our personal relationships, our work, our parenting and every interpersonal relationship.  These relationships are where we are influenced and where we have influence.

Why do good communication skills matter?

We communicate to be influenced and to have influence.

We have to be able to reach people despite the noise. 

Good communication skills increase our ability to grow and influence.

People have to hear you to get the desired result you are hoping to have in any communication.  

Do you know this golden rule in communication? 

    “It doesn’t matter what you say, it matters what people hear!”

If you are making the effort to communicate effectively with someone, it’s because you are trying to be heard and reach their heart and mind for a desired result.  

We have to have good communication skills to be heard.   

We need to take more responsibility for helping people to hear what we want them to hear

Recently I heard Andrew Blotky say  “We live in a world where people are less disciplined and less rigorous.  We have lost a sense that there are consequences for the words that we share. “

Think about all the negativity or random thought sharing happening in your world.

The best communicators and greatest influencers in our world take responsibility for what people hear.   In the midst of all the noise, the most effective influences come from a place of honesty, authenticity and integrity with intentional communication.  Those are certainly the influencers that I want to learn and grow from.

It takes effort and discipline to become the most effective communicator you can be.  Even when you have the right intent for what you are trying to communicate, if it isn’t heard and received, it defeats the purpose.  It can even be counterproductive.

The bottom line is that you can have all the knowledge and best of intentions in the world but without effective communication skills, your message, the desires of your heart or teaching will not be heard and received to get the results you intend.

I want to share 10 keys to unlocking more effective communication and increasing your influence. 

  • Clarity:   Be very clear in your own mind on the purpose
  • Connection:   Know why the recipient cares and find common ground
  • Control:   Understand and control your emotions to steer the direction
  • Coherence:    Minimize confusion and increase clarity for the recipient
  • Character:   Pay attention to your tone, integrity and authenticity
  • Confidence:   Trust is gained when you are confident in your competence
  • Convergence:   Transfer your knowledge well with your words and actions
  • Consideration:    Ask questions, listen & respect the audience
  • Compromise:   Be willing to forgo your agenda for a better outcome
  • Conclusion:   Reach an ending with confirmation of action or decision

Developing the skills to master these keys will increase your effectiveness and influence in all of your relationships IRL (in real life:) and online with individuals or any audience.

You can watch the FULL 30 minute video teaching  by visiting our Unlocking YOUR Best Life facebook page  

The video is titled Unlocking YOUR communication from 10/15/19

Your voice, your message, your influence matters!   Becoming a consistently effective communicator is critical unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life.   You are worth it!   

I hope to see you soon. 

Always with hugs, 


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