Create Your Personal Mission Statement

Write your personal mission statement and live into it!

Having a singular statement in mind can sharpen your focus and remind you of what's important to live with purpose, on purpose, every day. 

I really do care about YOU living with more joy, freedom, and fulfillment every day.

Despite the regrets about your past
Despite the overwhelm in your days
Despite the disappointments of your circumstances
Despite the frustrations in your relationships
Despite the sadness about losses you have had
Despite the fears of your future

YOU are worth living with more joy, freedom, and fulfillment every day.

Powerful questions are the most effective way to get people to consider improving their health, work, relationships, and life.   (I’m a coach, questions are what I do :)

So, can I ask you a few personal questions?

  • Do you go through your day mostly reacting to whatever comes up?
  • Are you going through your life a bit on autopilot?
  • Do your days feel filled with meaning?
  • Are you conscious about the attitudes and energy to bring to each day?
  • Is sadness or regret about your past consuming your thoughts?
  • Do you have constant fear or anxiety about the future?
  • Are you too busy to take opportunities to be helpful throughout the day?
  • Overall, are you feeling lost, unfulfilled, exhausted?
  • Do you take time to feel the goodness in every day?
  • Is personal growth something you seek?
  • How is your self-esteem?
  • Are you living into your potential?

If you answered less than clear, confident and content on any of these, I want you to consider what emotions you really would like to feel less of in YOUR life.

Regret from not feeling like you have lived life the way you really want.
Overwhelm from not focusing on the right things.
Sadness from feeling helpless.
Lost from allowing circumstances or people to control your life.
Anger from allowing hurt emotions to dictate your thoughts.
Boredom from not taking responsibility for your activity.
Conflict from not choosing peace more often.
Frustrations from not learning and growing.
Loneliness from lack of true connection.
Dissatisfied from lack of meaningful work. 

Would you rather feel more JOY, FULFILLMENT and FREEDOM every day?   

Do you believe it is possible? 

Regardless of your circumstances?
Regardless of not having an overarching life purpose?
Regardless of having a fully developed life plan?
Regardless of a specific life calling? 
Regardless of other people's opinion?
Regardless of having success in every area of your life?

It is possible!  We each get the choice to live with purpose, on purpose, every single day.

Picture this for yourself.  This is what it could be like to live with more purpose in your day:

  • Show up as your best self
  • Bring good and positive energy to every room and person
  • Look for ways to be helpful
  • Feel the good stuff more with acknowledgement and gratitude
  • Connect to people intentionally with interest and aliveness
  • Trust your journey to learn and grow
  • Make your unique impact in the world 
  • Role model possibility to others

Sounds good, right?   Easier said than done, right?   Want to know how to follow through on these things?

Write your personal mission statement and live into it!

A personal mission statement will help you to decide how to live each day with purpose, on purpose. It helps you to clarify how you want to show up and the meaning in your days. 

Your personal mission statement will:

              Remind you of who you want to BE every day

              Remind you of things you want to DO every day

              Remind you of WHY you want to BE and DO those things every day

When you have a personal mission statement, you have the clarity to choose every single day to show up on purpose, with purpose!

 10 keys to unlocking your personal mission statement

  • Keep it to 1-3 sentences that can direct your thoughts, feelings and actions, every day
  • It must bring passion or enthusiasm, or it won’t motivate you
  • Keep it very authentic and personal. Don't make it not about what others want or expect.
  • It is not just about your work or meaningful activity. Make it overarching for every area of your life.
  • Start with nouns or adjectives about WHO do you want to BE
  • Use verbs to describe WHAT do you want to do
  • Claim WHY it does it matter
  • Share it with someone who will encourage and support you
  • Decide how you will keep it in front of you every day
  • Every day, live into the purpose it gives you, with purpose

TODAY on #tuesdaywithtammy I did a LIVE video on Facebook chatting more about all of this.  Check it out to hear more about how to create your personal mission statement to live on purpose with purpose.

As an example, I am happy to share my personal mission statement:

I live authentically, love purposefully & lead intentionally to honor God 
by helping people unlock joy, fulfillment, and freedom, despite life's difficulties so they unlock their potential and make their unique positive impact in the world.

I invite you to join the FREE Unlocking Your Best Life FB Group page.  for more regular coaching, encouragement and community!

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