Deep waters living

This week I am thinking about my personality and my purpose.  

I love to know people.  What's their story? What makes them tick?  How they feel about “things” and where they want to go from where they are at?

I am a deep-waters kind of girl, I’m always ready to dive right into stories, feelings and opinions.   I pursue this sharing to connect, learn and grow.  I thrive on embracing the journey together when we chose to share.   I love to absorb others words and body language and emotion.  My mind races with learning and new ideas.  I truly love and trust the benefits of sharing and processing the turbulent and triumphant experiences and feelings of life.

So much can be realized and valued and useful when we head into deep-water sharing.  The shallow end can be very lonely and stagnant. There is so much to be gained from sharing new ideas to pursue, hurts to avoid, tools to navigate, adventures to attempt, challenges to be overcome and experiences to celebrate.  It can be beneficial for self reflection and growth, when we are a good listener.

Social media helps us scratch the surface on sharing "more".   But we have to be careful.  What we see and read is not the whole story.  We need to engage more often beyond the post or pic.  How does a post impact you?  As a society, we are making less time to go deep with each other.  Maybe it's a time issue, maybe it's fear of expectations, maybe we feel less significant than the post we just read, maybe we've just grown lazy or passive about pursuing "more" for ourselves.  If something inspires or excites you, take time to reflect or even pursue adding value to your life by connecting for more.

I have always had a proactive personality to pursue sharing.   In this season of life, I am more committed to intentionally opening my heart and mind to where others are coming from.  I want to grow and I want to add value to others through each interaction.    My heart truly aches when others are in the midst of crisis or trials.  Somehow, I have a great capacity to walk into other's struggles with them.  I am able to connect prodcutively without being too emotionally burdened by their circumstances.  I accept it as a gift from God.    I am moved to pray, act and encourage.   I suppose my faith takes care of the rest.  I beleive that this side of heaven we will continue in many trials and that God can truly use all that we go through for His good.  

Promoting growth for a more fulfilling life is my passion.  Putting on my “coaching” hat has always come naturally.  Pursuing insight into another’s experiences, desires, struggles and goals excites and inspires me.   Most of us very rarely take the time to tap into where we are at and where we want to be.  We settle for status quo and even the task lists that our life has become.   Our greatest adventures become an occasional vacation for a few days.  We have the answers inside of us for achieving “more” that is in line with our passions, purpose and joys for this life.

My hope is that the work and sharing that I do inspires people to pursue the best for their life, despite their circumstances.  Whether you are one of my coaching clients, attendees where I speak, passive reader, family, friend, or distant observer, I believe that there is MORE joy to be had when we jump into our own greater awarness and pursue deep water living.  

Now... I just need about 50 more hours in the day to do all I want to...


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