Dreaming Big & Starting Small

I remember when I first started doing triathlons. I had NEVER considered doing endurance races. Honestly, I joined in the training to lose some weight, hang out with some cool people and get a break from toddlers. I needed something JUST FOR ME.

At 37 years old, I had never actually run more than 1 miles consecutively, let alone crazy distance stuff. (I was a team sports gal). The more we trained, I fell in love with cross training. My vision of what was possible, got bigger and bigger. Eventually, I did a half-iron man at 48! (that's a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and a 13.1 mile run, but who's counting) I cannot even express the lessons, fulfilment and joy that I received, going through that process.

It amazes me how many people are curious about doing or having great things in their life but never take action toward the ideas.  You REALLY can start with small steps today that would profoundly transform what you are capable of.

On the journey of unlocking your best life, it starts with creating YOUR vision. Are YOU ready to stop letting all of your fears and circumstances define your life’s journey? 

Step 1 – Dream big!   Allow yourself to paint a picture of your most ideal scenarios in life.  When you get clarity on where you are going, you get to align everything else to move you toward YOUR vision. Think about these 10 facets of life.  What could YOUR life look like if you created your dream outcomes in 5 years?

Consider YOUR vision for these 10 Facets of YOUR Life

:   The group of persons you call family. (spouse, children, extended family)

Friends:  The group of persons you choose to include in your life.  (acquaintances, lifelong, community, social media, work, seasonal) 

   Your purpose, your legacy and your impact in the world.  (anything you dream of contributing in your lifetime, personal mission, book, blog, career, ministry, etc)

  How you want things to exist and flow in your life.  (mindset, clutter, growth, matching towels, reduced tension, etc.)

  These are the things that you place your trust in that are outside of your control. (spiritual and religious beliefs, world views, universal laws, etc.)

  Your state of health and well-being.  (sleep, strength, flexibility, physical pain, medical, self-care)

   The nutrition you use to sustain life.  (quantity, quality, preparation, passions, relationship with) 

:  Things that affect your ability to act or change or grow in the ways you desire. (mental, emotional, physical, financial, situational)

  Economic considerations for your life.  (income, debt, investments, retirement, etc.)

 The things in life that you find enjoyable. (leisure, travel, adventure, recreation, simple pleasures)  

How would it feel to have YOUR clear vision for your best life? 

Step 2 – Start Small! 
Once you have your life vision, it’s time to break it into smaller doable steps. This means to break your big idea down into the smaller ideas and goals that will help pave the path toward your vision. 

This is where your vision starts to become reality and we get to let go of everything holding us back!

Ready to move forward with a big vision and a plan to start small?

Check out this video on www.TuesdaywithTammy.com, I chat more about how to "Dream Big and Start Small”

You are worth it 

Coach Tammy

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