For your own darn good!

Written in week 4 of social isolation due to COVID 19

Are you navigating challenging times well? 

I was getting a good walk in with a friend yesterday (yes, at least 6 ft apart)  We were talking about the affects of all of the uncertainty. We were sharing how everyone is navigating these times, especially our kids and families.  We talked about so many of the emotional questions people are asking themselves.

Do we load our freezers and pantries or take just what we need for a week?
Do we save our pennies or invest in the dropping stocks?
Do we spending time building our business or looking for something else?
How are people that pass away being memorialized?
Why are so many people putting their houses on the market?
Should we stock up on gasoline while it’s so cheap?
How will we eventually begin to reintegrate?
How will colleges do acceptance without SAT scores and pass/fail grades?
How will get the kids choose to use this time wisely?
What will travel be like in the future?

I'm sure you could add tons of questions to this list....

We definitely did not come up with all the answers to these questions.  Each of us does get to choose HOW we navigate these uncertain times and beyond.  I’ve been reading, listening, really digging into what it takes to navigate uncertain times well.  How do we navigate these exact times for our greatest well-being and success? 

I want to navigate well.

I want my kids to navigate well.

I want my friends and family to navigate well.

I want my clients and followers to navigate well.   

I’ve been posting daily encouragements on my  Instagram   They are daily tips called the “Quarantine Challenge” for making the most of these times.   These and so many other great teachings are only as helpful as the mindset and beliefs you have about how you want to navigate these times.

TODAY, I think my momma voice is really coming out! 

Some of us really need to get out of our own darn way for our OWN DARN GOOD!!

Yep, it's time for some straight talk about what you are believing!!

Today on #tuesdaywithtammy I chatted about 20 Beliefs for Your Own Darn Good that can help us navigate well during this time. These beliefs will help us navigate to emerge from this pandemic or any challenging times, with more joy and fulfillment.

I talked about how when we use “I am” statements about our beliefs, they are the most powerful form of affirmation.  We are claiming the belief instead of hoping, wishing or wanting for it.

Feel free to watch the whole episode here.

This is the quick recap of the 20 beliefs.

I AM STATEMENTS you need to believe for YOUR OWN DARN GOOD :)

1) I am 100% responsible for my own life

We get to choose how to respond to opportunities and challenges.  

Believe that you and only you are responsible of what you make of any day and situation.  

 2) I am improving my future

We don’t want to be stuck in fearful, discouraged, negative mindset where we believe we have little control over our lives.

Believe that you can change your future by your actions today.  

3)   I am confident there is a lot of opportunity out there

We keep our thoughts and attitude on abundance and opportunity and not scarcity and lack.

Believe that when you work toward finding it, there is enough success, and happiness for you. 

4)  I am successful without needing the approval of others

We don’t need to be looking for others’ approval and consent, to succeed and be self-empowered.

Believe that you can follow your path even when others are skeptical or disapproving.

5)  I am creating my reality daily   

We know that when we consciously choose our thoughts, feelings and actions, we create more of the results and life experiences we desire.

Believe that you set your intentions and choose aligned action to create your reality.

6)  I am valuing people

We believe that people are catalysts and not barriers to success.

Believe that when you value people, you are in your best character and your efforts will be returned  at some point.

7)  I am starting everyday with positive thoughts

We know that choosing to start each day with positive rather than negative thoughts is powerful and empowering for the attitude to stay on track with our goals.

Believe that you have the resources to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

8)  I am here for a purpose

We are here to show up and influence the world in ways that only we can.

Believe that your unique purpose is worth pursuing and living out.

9)  I am seeing every situation as an opportunity for growth

We ask ourselves, how we can use this situation, every time.

Believe that you can always turn a situation around by just observing, learning, serving and sharpening your attitude.


10)  I am working hard

We know that hard work & perseverance build our character and are rewarded eventually.

Believe that your hard work will payoff in some way over time and it’s always the better alternative to laziness.

11)  I am re-framing my past

We are not locked into the past or think that our past circumstances determine their future.

Believe that you can review, interpret and re-frame your past to heal and learn for future success.

12) I am choosing positive influences

We can seek out teaching, people and situations that can support and add to us.

Believe that you deserve to seek and find positive influences in your life.

13)  I am embracing my failures

We know that falling short of a goal can be a powerful opportunity to learn, shift and succeed.

Believe you can turn any failure into success by learning from it and moving on.

14) I am learning from other people’s opinions

We can learn from affirmations, honest feedback, rejections and criticisms, even if we don’t agree.

Believe that the information you receive is useful, even if it trigger negative emotions initially.

15)  I am going to have trials

We know that trials will come for all of us and that they will eventually come to pass.

Believe that you can chose to think beyond the current trial and stay focused on better results to come.

16)  I am taking care of my health

We do not take our health for granted.

Believe that it is worth all of the effort to tend to your mental, physical and spiritual health.

17) I am constantly developing and expanding capabilities

We know that empowerment comes from pursuing growth in our strengths and weaknesses.

Believe that there is always room improve and grow

18)  I am forgiving

We get to chose to forget, forgive and rejoice.

Believe that resentment and grudges will not serve you well.

19)  I am living my values and beliefs

We each have a unique combination of values and beliefs to discover and claim as our own

Believe that you are living your authentic self, aligned with your values and beliefs.

20)  I am accepting that I have what I need within me

We have the path to our unique success through self-discovery to uncover skills and true potential.

Believe that you have everything you need to define and achieve your success with joy and fulfillment.


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