From thought to action..

  “If my people understand me, I’ll get their attention.  If my people trust me, I’ll get their action" Cavett Roberts  

That is the power in aligning your values to your influence.   
Positive influence is changing others' thinking and actions for a mutually beneficial desired outcome.  People want to devote themselves and their resources to relationships, causes or work that they believe in.  Belief is achieved by knowing the values of the influencer and knowing if they align with one's own beliefs and ethics.   

The most reliable approach to influencing others is to act and speak from a strongly held set of values. Regardless of the audience, your influence is greatest, if the core components are coming from your authentic beliefs. 

Today, I am sharing 4 key activities for unlocking your values and gaining more positive influence:

1.  IDENTIFY what your core values truly are.  Most of us have at least a general idea of what we value.  Here are some ways to periodically evaluate and intentionally recommit to our core values.   

  • Find a big list of values to reference.  Here, is a link to one such list:  List of core values
  • Go quickly through the list of values and circle all that resonate with who you are.
  • Then, identify the top 50, then 20, then 5-10 that you prioritize your life around.
  • Write out what each of the top values mean in your personal and professional life. 
2.  REFLECT on times when satisfaction has come from remaining consistent in actions and choices that align with your values.  Consider meaningful moments and experiences that energized and fulfilled you.  Take time to describe the following in as much detail as possible. 
  • What were the circumstances of what was  going on around you 
  • What was happening physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually 
  • What values were you honoring during this experience
 3.  ARTICULATE your values to gain understanding and influence others.  Successful influence is when you transfer ownership of your underlying values and related decision making to your audience.   
  • Ask yourself if you are you confident to articulate your values in word and action.
  • Honestly evaluate if you live your values consistently.
  • Check yourself through recent engagements.  Do a review of social media posts, a personal conversation or a presentation that communicated from your values.  How well was it received? Did people engage the way you hoped?  Was action taken?
  • Does the audience you wish to influence have the desire to align with your values and intended outcomes? Have the conversations and do the research to validate the potential for shared beliefs before wasting time and money.   
4.  BE PREPARED to defend your values.  Sometimes, we are trying to have influence against values we are clearly not in agreement with.  Sometimes, we are competing with two perceived “rights”.  It is important to realize the difference to effectively defend your values and conserve your resources.
  • From the values list, identify what specific values would not align well with you.   
  • Identify scenarios in which your values have been threatened and how effectively you navigated the outcomes.
  • Be empathetic to differences in others and develop some proven pathways forward for when the inevitable conflicts arise.
  • If you compromise on your core values to meet others' resistance, the results will be unfulfilling, at best.
I  am privileged to repeatedly see my clients experience greater fulfillment when they live by their values.   I do too.  When we aren't honoring our values, our mental, emotional, and physical state suffers.   Our relationships, causes and business will also suffer when we are not authentic.

I am confident that greater influence and success will follow, if you lead your personal and professional life from your core values.  Know them.  Live Them.  Influence from them.    

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