Going further with better boundaries...

Have you ever thought about why personal boundaries are so important while reaching YOUR personal goals?

You may be well aware that certain personal boundaries are important in order to have safe and healthy relationships.  Good or bad, they set the basic guidelines of how you want to be treated.    YOU do get to create the guidelines to establish how others are able to behave around you.  

But, why are these personal boundaries so important for reaching YOUR personal goals?

  • Boundaries protect our sense of personal identity
  • Boundaries help guard against overwhelm from the demands of others
  • Boundaries increase our ability to navigate difficulties well
  • Boundaries create the space needed for decision-making
  • Boundaries are critical to realistic goal setting
  • Boundaries are mandatory for achievement of YOUR goals

For all kinds of reasons, some of people are better at defining, establishing and maintaining boundaries than others.   It is never too late to do the work and improve your boundaries.

If we fail to maintain our personal boundaries, others will more easily take advantage of us.   When we aren't clear on our boundaries, we start allowing others to set boundaries for us.    Many caring and diligent people lose a sense of identity and/or control over their life because the lack of healthy boundaries doesn't honor their personal desires and goals. 

Here are the top benefits of defining and activating your boundaries:

1) Safety - to protect you physically and your thoughts, feelings and actions

2) Clarity - doing the work to get clear on what matters most to you and others

3) Movement - identify where you need to make improvements in your life

4) Create space - say no to things that don't align with your best self and make room for things that do

5) Personal power - cultivate confidence and operate from your authentic self

Are you ready to evaluate and improve your boundaries?

Here are the 5 kinds of boundaries we should all do the work to establish and activate:
1) Physical - our physical self, others and possessions
2) Talking - filter between thoughts and words from us and to us

3) Listening - what you chose to make of what you hear
4) Personal Energy - the space you take up and allow others to
5) Sexual - who, when, where, how is acceptable

You can learn more by visiting our Unlocking YOUR Best Life facebook page Where I take this conversation on creating personal boundaries further.  

YOU deserve to create boundaries that support unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life.  Hope to see you soon.

Always with hugs,


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