Got Vision?

I write this blog post, as 2019 and the decade comes to a close.  It is a perfect time to look at a 5 year vision for YOUR best life.

Unlocking Your Best Life is about having more joy, fulfillment and freedom in a well-integrated life that you design.    Defining a clear vision of where you truly want to go in life is the foundation to unlocking your best course of actions daily. 

Once you define the vision of your best life, it is your road-map to what success looks like for you.  You can plan, grow and perform to intentionally move toward your vision week after week, month after month, and year after year. You can confidently choose beliefs, thoughts and actions aligned with your vision.

When I am coaching clients on the journey of unlocking their best life, we start with looking at the following 10 Facets of Life.    Most of what we desire can be specified in one of these facets of life.  Of course, there is plenty of overlap and you can use whatever categories make sense to you. 

10 Facets of Life

Family:   The group of persons you call family.  (spouse, children, extended family, committed relationships)

Friends:  The group of persons you choose to include in your life. What value are they adding to your life?  (Consider: acquaintances, lifelong, community, social media, work, seasonal) 

Fulfilment:   The meaningful pursuits that bring you satisfaction, contentment, and joy.  What value do you want to add to the world, your legacy, your purpose?   (Consider: your work, impact, roles, missions, book, blog or anything you considers contributing to the world)

Function:  How you want to operate, feel and flow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  What will allow you to function like this? (Consider: mindset, healing, less clutter, growth, more peace, matching towels, reduced tension, etc.)

Faith:  These are the things that you place your trust in.  What strongly held beliefs or theories do you have? (Consider: spiritual, religious, world views, universal laws, etc.)

Fitness:  Your state of physical health. What is your desired state of well-being?  (Consider: sleep, strength, flexibility, physical pain, medical, self-care)

Food:   The nutrition you use to sustain life.  What is your relationships with food and your eating lifestyle? (Consider: quantity, quality, preparation, passions, struggles with) 

Freedom:  The power to act, speak, or think authentically without hindrance or restraint.   What things affect your ability to feel free? (Consider: mental, emotional, physical, financial, relational, environmental factors)

 Finances:  These are the economic considerations for your life.  What do you want more or less of and how will you achieve it? (Consider: income, debt, investments, retirement, etc.)

Fun: The things in life that amuse, entertain or bring you happiness. What do you want to do more of or less of to enjoy life?  (Consider: laughter, leisure, travel, adventure, recreation, simple pleasures)

How clear are you on the vision you have for your best life? 

Can you envision what it looks like to be living more like this in 5 years?

If you are clear on your 5 Year Vision, you can chart the course for unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life!

I did some teaching to help you dive deeper into how you define each of these 10 Facets of Life.   I gave some key steps to design YOUR 5 year vision.   

You can watch the FULL 30 minute video teaching  by visiting our Unlocking YOUR Best Life Facebook page  

The video is titled Vision planning for unlocking your best life 12/10/19

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I believe you can fully invest in casting and living into the vision you have for your best life.  

You are worth it!   

I hope to see you soon. 

Always with hugs, Tammy

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