How is the view from there?

A few questions to ponder... 
  1. Do you believe in goal setting?
  2. Is your attitude towards your goals moving you toward them or holding you back?
  3. Are you very gifted but pessimistic about excelling? 
  4. Can you implement a practice of daily gratitude for how far you have come?
  5. Do you believe you can move upward with confidence and forward with hope?
  6. Do you believe that much depends on how you look at things and not how they are?
  7. What sort of attitude do you have toward your work, relationships, life?
  8. Could a new attitude improve your career prospects?
  9. Are you strong enough to accept the help of others?
  10. Are you being flexible enough to see new opportunities?
Is your attitude working for you or against you?   Take some reflection time to really evaluate the answers truthfully.   Recommit to yourself today what's most important and make an action plan to adjust and move toward your goals!

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