How to create a highly effective year end review

Are you ready to send 2020 to the history books?  I am right there with ya!

However, before we hurry to put 2020 in the review mirror…

I want to encourage you to take a good hard look at this crazy 2020 year from a very personal perspective. I want you to consider WHAT you experienced and HOW you experienced life this year. 

Taking time for honest reflection and evaluation will give you so many valuable lessons about how to make your future better...   

'Experience is not the best teacher. Evaluating is the best teacher.' John Maxwell

Can you make some time before this crazy 2020 year ends to slow down, take a step back, and think about how YOU are really feeling about the last 12 months?  

Whether you hit all of your goals, made some awesome pivots or failed miserably on your resolutions, there is power in understanding what happened to get you the results and life experiences that you had for the last 365 days.

When you make the time to do your personal year-end review, wonderful things can happen:

  • Celebration for what you did accomplish
  • Learnings from the achievements, missteps and failures you had
  • Gratitude for all that you do have now and in the future
  • Release of hard, bad, hurtful relationships, behaviors, and emotions
  • Resolve to change and accomplish bigger things in the future
  • Planning for better goals to create the future you desire

I know firsthand that lasting change is hard to accomplish even in the best of years.  This year has thrown so many challenges outside our individual control, it makes it even harder revisit.  Doing your personal review is not about adding disappointment and fear to your life.  It is about evaluating our experiences and feelings to create the new opportunities for more joy, fulfillment, and freedom in your life.

Doing a year-end review will lead you to the thoughts, feelings and actions required for unlocking better in your health, wealth, relationships, and life in 2021 and beyond!

Today on #tuesdaywithtammy  I chatted more about "How to do a highly effective year end review".   Feel free to check out the whole video for more insight.

Here are the 4 main steps to a highly effective year-end review:

1) Inventory your observations:

Pull together your goals, resolutions, journal, planner, or calendars for the entire year.  Grab notebook and just list out the following observations:

  • Planned and unexpected achievements
  • Unexpected obstacles and challenges
  • Missteps or failures
  • Pivots you had to make

2) Inventory your feelings:

Our feelings control our actions. Get real honest with yourself about where you feelings led you this year.

Review the observations and record what feelings each one brought up for you at the time and now about yourself, others and generally?

Consider if for each observation you were being true to your own values and beliefs?

3) Do some honest self-reflection:

    1. Did you accomplish more than you thought?
    2. Did you find areas to learn and grow from missteps?
    3. What is the #1 challenge you face almost daily?
    4. What emotion and value are you most motivated by? Knowledge, success, confidence, interesting, happy…
    5. What is your biggest fear about the future?
    6. What resources could have supported you better this year?
    7. What genuinely excites you when you are involved in it?
    8. What do you avoid doing?
    9. What is on your bucket list?
    10. What is the most disappointing activity, relationship, choice, etc?
    11. What are your top values? Did you honor them?
    12. What do you wish you would have done differently?
    13. What’s your biggest dream?

 4) Make a plan:

  • Have you created your life vision? If not, check out last week’s #tuesdaywithtammy here

  • Identify the SMARTIES © that will be needed to succeed in 2021 and beyond:
Strategies:  Guide your time, energy, and effort
Mindsets: Develop attitudes and beliefs for success
Actions: Align to produce desired results
Resources: Acquire to grow and operate business
Teammates: Enlist for progress and expansion
Influence: Increase your capacity to affect others
Energy: Generate physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fortitude
Systems: Develop for time freedom and sustainable growth

  • When will you set goals? Set a date after this annual review is done

 A year-end review is time to reflect on what you accomplished, what you did not and what you want in the upcoming year and beyond.

I want you to make time for some real reflection, so you can move forward with greater clarity and confidence into the new 2021 year and beyond.

You are worth it!

If you want to see my video on "How to create a highly effective life vision" , check out this chat on #tuesdaywithtammy

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