How to Give Yourself Permission

Did you know that the biggest contributor to unhappiness, anxiety and depression is feeling a lack of control?  

When you give yourself permission to think, act, and feel in alignment with YOUR goals and dreams, you will take back control. 

Have you given yourself permission?   To design YOUR best life 

Have you given yourself permission?   To be YOUR authentic best self

Have you given yourself permission?   To invest in YOUR growth

Have you given yourself permission?   To achieve YOUR goals and dreams

Unfortunately, most of us limit ourselves waiting for someone else’s permission or approval to move forward on our goals and dreams.

It starts with the way we are raised…  🤦‍♀️

We are programmed to ask for permission from the time we are born. We were all expected to ask permission from our parents and teachers out of obligation and respect for the role they play in our life.  In the workplace, we ask for permission from management to stay aligned with expectations and to earn our compensation.  

Seeking some permission isn't necessarily bad in a healthy and supportive relationship.  Unfortunately, the need for permission develops into seeking approval from friends, partners and even strangers to make progress in any area of life.  For many, many reasons, you may never feel this approval or permission and stay stuck out of fear of rejection or consequences.  (That's a whole other discussion)  When we do not feel like we have permission or approval, we limit our potential to be, do and have more.  

I want to NOT SO GENTLY remind you…

YOU do NOT need permission from anyone except YOU to pursue more joy, fulfillment, and freedom in your health, your wealth, your relationships… YOUR LIFE!  

When you don’t give yourself permission, you are at the mercy of being controlled by other’s approval or your circumstances.  When you don’t give yourself permission, you limit your potential for your BEST.

Do you need to be better at giving YOURSELF permission to keep unlocking more or your best self and your best life?

How do we get better at giving yourself permission?

  1. Let go of approval from others
  2. Take 100% responsible for your life
  3. Stop judging ourselves against perfectionism
  4. Know your worth and your best self
  5. Trust yourself
I know it is easier said than done. 
Give yourself more permission to keep unlocking your best life!  
You are worth it  💜
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