Keys to choosing the right RESOURCES (or any decision)

As my British friend says, "let's have a think about"

Think about the last time you were considering hiring help around your house or installing a software or buying a new car or taking a class or trying to lose weight or fixing something that has been annoying you or having a hard conversation.

Acquiring resources is often necessary when trying to effectively eliminate problems or enhance your life.   So, how often do you get stuck in indecision about which resources to choose because you do not want to make the wrong choice?   

The right resources help you in these areas of business and life: 

> Planning for your success

> Gaining new knowledge  

> Improving communications

> Faster implementation of solutions

> Increased productivity

> Support for momentum

Whether you need a tool, training, materials, professional support, assistance, or something else, leveraging resources is an investment of your time, money and/or attention.   

Once you identify the need for new resources, confusion and overwhelm can set in.  If you are like me, as you weigh the pros and cons, you can get in analysis paralysis. The fear of making the wrong choice keeps you stuck and you do not move towards your goals.

Where are you delaying right now to get resources? Is it costing you time, money, energy, and motivation?

Like most things in life, there is no guarantee that whatever resource you choose will be the exact best match.  BUT if you do not make any choice, your inaction will keep you from achieving your desired results.  

Under the pressure to make the best choice, the best we can do is choose wisely. 

We can organize our thoughts with these 8 Key Considerations for each option to make the wise choice:

  1. Your possibilities:  Consider the possible benefits and opportunities.
  2. Your experiences:  Consider your past similar success and failures.
  3. Your conscience:   Consider your own moral compass. 
  4. Your emotions:  Consider the influence of fear, impatience or  frustration.
  5. Your influences:  Consider who are you listening to and why.
  6. Your intuition:  Consider the situation in it's entirety and your "gut".
  7. Your red flags: Consider warning signs you should evaluate further.
  8. Your consequences :Consider the possible good and bad impacts for each option.

Now, with this wisdom, CHOOSE the best option and take ACTION.  

When we take the time to organize our thoughts, we choose more wisely and get into the actions that move us forward.  Remember, whatever resources you choose, taking imperfect action is almost always better than no action :)

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Leveraging the right resources will accelerate your results in your work, your relationships, your health, and your life!

You are worth it!

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