Play Nice & Persuade On

We all have opportunity to influence other people toward our desired outcomes. 

Do you need more help at home?  Do you have a great cause to support?   Do you have product or services to sell?  Do you have a message to get out?  Do you need to ask for a raise?  Do you just want to the family to choose your favorite restaurant more often?

Effective, positive persuasion is a bit of a skill, even an art to get people to think and behave a little differently.   Positive persuasion is ultimately about how to get people to do things that are in their own interest that also benefit you.

If you are too aggressive, you risk rejection from offense. If you are too passive, you will get nowhere. If you complain too loudly, you're an annoyance.  If you aren’t clear, you are misunderstood.  If you aren’t clever, you will be outwitted.  There are effective ways to intentionally press your agenda without turning everyone off.   

I have 20  tips to share from observing notable people that are successful in their ability to influence other’s thoughts and action:.  
  • Gain Interest:   Captivate your audience by making it relevant to and about them.
  • Don’t be a jerk: Value the persons you are trying to persuade with respect and patience.
  • Persuade the persuadable:  Be sure your context and timing is right for your selected audience.
  • Scratch the back: Providing even small gestures of consideration to others, will likely bring more back in return.
  • Be a nice pest: Be the person who is willing to keep asking for what they want, and keeps demonstrating the value.
  • LIKE and Comment: Compliment people sincerely, specifically and often for things they aren't typically complimented for.
  • Over deliver: Manage other's expectations and deliver more than expected.
  • Don’t be a psychic: Don't assume what others might want or not want, offer what you can provide and leave the choice to them.
  • Make it scarce:  Value goes up when it can’t easily be gotten. Consider when to pull the options back for awhile.
  • Be mad on purpose: Sometimes we can escalate with a bit of anger sparingly and purposefully to add emphasis of importance.
  • Make it urgent:  Ask for the YES every time. We are most motivated to want things right now. 
  • Paint a pretty picture:   Perfect your first impressions and paint an image for otherls of a desirable future experience.
  • Honest Abe:  Sometimes the most effective way to persuade somebody, is by facing the hard truths that nobody else is willing to in a gentle, productive way.
  • Monkey see: Pay attention to behaviors, patterns and language to build a sense of rapport where people feel more comfortable and open to your suggestions.
  • Stretch Armstrong:  Be the person with the most flexibility, not necessarily the most power, who's in control. People like options
  • Be electrifying: Learn to transfer energy with eye contact, physical touch, laughter, body language verbal responses, or even just active listening.
  • Can you hear me now?  Simplify down to essentials and focus on clearly communicating to others what they really care about.
  • Do your homework: Know more about the people and situations you are trying to influence.
  • No Drama: Stay calm, detached and unemotional because in conflict, people turn to those in control of their behavior and emotions.
  • Don’t waver:  Be confident and certain in what you do and have to offer.
Thoughtful, gentle discussion and action can help you get what you want.

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