Stop eating the snow...

Ok, so I don't live in the snow anymore but we recently visited places with fresh beautiful snow.   The first thing the kids want to do is scoop it up and eat it.  Why?  I suppose it's because it looks so pure and glistens with such promise of a new and exhilarating sensation.   As you can guess, the joy was only momentary.  The other results were cold hands, cold face, possible exposure to bad stuff and ultimately frustration and discomfort for the rest of the adventure that we set out for. 

The point?
If you want results, don't be distracted by activity that gets us off task from reaching our goals.   One way to avoid these distractions is to raise your awareness about the impact each activity is having on your daily results.   
Do you have good accounting for your activity at the end of the day?   Are you hitting the results you set out for?

Challenge:  Log your time spent on some of these activities for a few days.  Time it. Write it down.
  • Reviewing your goals and activity for the day
  • Responding to quickly to text messages
  • Answering unknown phone numbers
  • Following links in e-mails 
  • Checking status updates, once you make a post
  • Agendas and time limit for meetings or phone calls
  • Amount of sleep you are getting to be most productive
  • Overheard conversations
  • Activity spent directly on goals
  • Social Media (duh... but really, track it!)
  • Maintaining relationships out of guilt
  • Saying YES - favors, tasks, meetings
  • Shiny, glistening, new ideas
  • Other known distractions...
Inherently, these are not "bad" activities.  This challenge is to assess if  these activities move you toward your goals or distract you? 

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