People power!

WOW!   My John Maxwell Team conference was life changing in ways I was not expecting.   I knew that the training and inspiration was going to be off the charts awesome, as always.  The JMTeam delivered!

I wasn't really expecting that my biggest takeaway would be the power of the members of the team.  I left a much better person from being surrounded by so many passionate,  invested, inspiring, determined people.  Every person at the event was there to add value to themselves so that they can add value to others!   I think there were about 3,000 of these amazing people.   

The connections and meetings could have only been orchestrated by our big God.

  •  I met one woman from Botswana Africa and we have a mutual friend that she goes to church BOTSWANA!  I know a total of 1 person in Botswana....well, now 2 people.
  • The first couple that I met shared dinner, tears, laughter and prayer with me.  
  • I spent hours with one group before we figured out that the man sitting next to me lives 30 minutes from me in Austin and will be an ongoing resource for me. 
  • One lady I hung out with lives about 30 minutes from my sister in another state and may end up being a resource to her.
  • Two men in my group shared hope and encouragement for the character that I need to believe in.
  • I have already had accountability calls and messages with people from our mock mastermind group.
  • A young woman from Singapore prayed peace over me that allowed me to stay focused and present when I was concerned about home.
  • New connections made at every meal and activity shared. 
  • My FB friends are growing by the day with positive people I am proud to call #JMTfamily.

These are just some of the mind blowing gifts I received because of the people that God provided while I was at the conference for 5 days: 

  • I gained confidence from feedback on my skills
  • I gained insight from people speaking truth about my weaknesses
  • I gained hope from those that prayed with me
  • I gained inspiration from those that overcame much adversity to pursue their purpose and show up
  • I gained freedom to be present and fed
  • I gained wisdom from shared experiences
  • I gained reliance on my prayer partners at home
  • I gained knowlege from solid teaching
  • I gained joy from good laughter
  • I gained comfort from a few shared tears shed
  • I gained connection with like minded people from literally all over the world
  • I gained wise council from experts in their professions
  • I gained trust in my children for handing things at home
  • I gained new friends for life
  • I gained new family that I can rely on for my journey
  • I gained blessings by accepting what each person had to offer
  • I gained awareness by being united with so many different cultures
  • I gained new perspective from stories of hardship 
  • I gained ideas for growth from successes shared
  • I gained greater commitment to fulfill my purpose to add vaule to others through teaching, coaching and speaking
  • I gained a drive to just DO IT!

I could not have been in a better place than with my #JMTeam this past weekend.  I am forever grateful and will not waste this gift of new family and friends.

Do you make opportunites to surround yourself with people that build you up and encourage you in  your goals and growth?

Live it * Own it * Love it

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