The Truth about Goals

As we move into 2020, it is definitely a great time to review our 5-year vision and start setting goals for the new year.    Setting goals is the first step to unlocking the key strategies and actions aligned to move toward your best life vision.  However, there is something important I want you to consider about goals before setting them.

If you read the Vision blog or watched the #tuesdaywithtammy teaching on Facebook, you know that I believe in mapping out a vision for your best life.   I coach on productivity, removing limiting beliefs and cultivating habits to reach your goals and make your vision a reality.

However, today, I want you to recognize the truth that there can be a bit of a downside to goal setting.  While pursuing our goals, we can often feel defeated and discouraged.  Sometimes, we can feel like we are failing unless we pursue big goals while having our best possible attitude and giving 150 percent, all the time. This performing is not sustainable.  It leads to thinking that reinforces negative self-thoughts that do not serve us well. 

The truth is that we need to value the goal setting process without ever feeling like we’re not enough.  We do this by placing greater value on our growth than on the final results.  This is essential for honoring our self-worth.  

I am absolutely encouraging you to have vision, set your goals, dream big, define your intentions, desired feelings and values. I also want to remind you of a few important truths.

You are already enough.

Goals should not be part of earning or proving your worth to yourself or anyone.

Your goals are in addition to your inherent worth and value.

Your goals are how you chose to live out your unique gifts, strengths, passions and uniqueness in the world.   

Pursuit of your goals should bring joy and fulfillment daily by living the best version of you.

When you evaluate all the facets of your life and define what you would like your best life to look like, it can feel like you are trying to define your worth and identity.   That should not be the intent for your vision or goals. The primary purpose of goals is clarifying your desired direction and results so that you experience joy and fulfillment in the pursuit of YOUR best life.

The truth is that you were born worthy and enough. We all have an inner critic that tries to defeat us.  BUT, we get to choose not to listen to anything that doesn’t confirm our worth and value in the world.

Unlocking your best life happens as you discover more about who you are, love yourself, serve others well, remove limiting beliefs, experience joy, learn and grow into your highest potential.

So, as you set your goals for 2020, make being the best version of you, your number one purpose in life.   Set your vision and goals to support unlocking joy and fulfillment as you make your unique impact in the world. 

If you are ready to move from your 5 year vision to setting goals for 2020, here are 6 basic steps to setting your 1 year goals for 2020:

  • Remember that your worth is not tied to goal achievement and that goals should honor your innate self-worth by valuing growth on the journey.
  • Brainstorm everything you might want to accomplish in 2020 to move toward your 5 year vision.
  • Set SMART goals in each facet of your life: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely
  • Define the personal growth potential for each goal.
  • Define the reward for reaching this goal.
  • Define the downside for not reaching this goal.

It’s never the wrong time to fully live the best version of yourself.  You are worth the happy and healthy life you were made to live.   So, go ahead and set your vision and goals to support your journey to keep unlocking your dreams and desired best life.

As you set goals ANY TIME, know your worth and keep unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life!

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