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Do you sometimes feel like you are the only one that isn’t hitting your goals or motivated to keep trying?    Are you annoyed instead of celebrating other people’s social media posts boasting about promotions at work, new fancy possessions, major weight loss, book publishing, athletic endeavors achieved…  
The reality is that these things are hard to achieve.   The process is to the results is hard to stick with.  The difference in successful people is that they did stick it out.   

Is there something you want to learn?  Is there something you need to finish?  Is there something you want to acquire? Is there something you need to quit?   

Self-discipline is the super power for successful people to achieve their desired results. Be encouraged.  Self-discipline is something you can master.

Take a moment to focus on your one most significant goal right now.  Commit to reaching it by using these keys to mastering self-discipline:

Just do it  
We all internalize fear differently and that can hinder our success.  Be honest with yourself about any fears you may have about the activities needed to accomplish your goal.  Identify how to overcome them.  Schedule it.  GET ON WITH IT

No Excuses
Look at your watch.  Does it have “later” on it?  Nope.   Make a list of all the excuses that could come up to keep you from doing the work.   Commit to solutions for each excuse, before you start.   If you can’t complete a required task fully due to unforeseen circumstances, stay on plan and do at least a little to keep the discipline.  DO IT ANYWAY

Show them what you are made of
There will always be haters.  Don’t buy into their negativity. It can be useful to draw some motivation from other people’s doubts.  The best ways to counteract critics who underestimate you is for them to see you succeed at the thing they’re underestimating you on.  USE IT

Recognize the power of quitting
There is power in quitting the wrong activities.  Do an honest assessment of your current activities and determine the return on your energy, efforts and resources.  Identify the activities that do not support your current self-disciplines to reach your goals. QUIT IT 

Put it out there
Most of us achieve more under at least a little pressure.  Deadlines can drive your discipline.  Let some people know what your goal is and what activities are needed to get there.  You don’t have to post it out to the whole world but pick some trustworthy, supportive people to encourage you on the journey.  Accountability is a good motivator to stay on task.  FIND IT

Welcome the uncomfortable
The journey to great destinations can bring uncomfortable emotions like boredom, frustration, sadness, or loneliness.  Remember, many people don’t achieve their goals because of the lack of inability to persevere when it gets tough.  You are NOT those people.  Keep your eye on the bigger prize and press through the uncomfortable for the sake of the bigger goal.  USE IT

Paint the picture
Clarity is power!  Visualize yourself when you have achieved the goal.  What are the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual implications of achieving your goal.  Picture it all in as much detail as you can.  This picture can be the great motivation to help you stay disciplined. SEE IT

Fail Forward
The difference for achieving people is their perception of and response to failure. Let every setback be a lesson on how to better move toward your goal.  By embracing failure as a way to grow and setting yourself up to win no matter what, you will. – LEARN FROM IT

Think about people that are committed to exercising and eating healthier, meditating, keeping their house up, advancing in their career, writing more, quitting bad habits, doing triathlons, reading for growth consistently or in some way significantly improving their lifestyle.  They got results with successful self-discipline.

Maybe you have experienced what can happen if you don’t develop self-discipline.  It causes problems: health problems, distraction, procrastination, financial problems, clutter, things piling up and overwhelming you, and much more.  I know that I have and I am invoking my super power in several areas to hit new goals.

Building self-discipline can help reach goals in all areas of your life.  Pick one goal, get after it. Once you’ve mastered self-discipline on one goal, it will come more easily in all areas of life.

Unlock the self-discipline superpower on your goals!

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