Unlock the power behind your words

Almost everything we want to be, to do or to have in life is with or through other people.   So, the ability to influence is one of the most important skills that  we can master.

You have influence with others. You have people that look to you in certain situations. They follow your leadership. They follow your voice. They follow your words. They follow your actions.  We have the ability to shape the way other people think, feel or respond to life through our communication.

Today, I challenge you to consider how effective you are at connecting and conveying your message specifically with your nonverbal actions.

Did you know that the message we convey in a conversation is 55% body language and nonverbal communication, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% in the words that we use?  People are highly visual. They way we show up, matters.

Here are 7 keys to improve our nonverbal communication: 
  1.  Be present:   Get in the room.  Put the devices down. Show up in person and be approachable.  People are more likely to follow you when they feel they have some live connection time.    
  2. Smile:  Everybody likes to feel happy.  A genuine smile conveys a readiness to be engaged and pleased with the people in your presence.  As a side benefit,  you will feel more calm and joy yourself :)
  3. Behave:  Good manners and common courtesy make you likable and convey respect.  When people feel respected they give their trust more readily.   'Please' and 'Thank You' are always trendy.
  4. Gaze:  Making honest, intentional eye contact increases openness from recipients.  You will appear more confident and be more understood by those that connect with your eyes. 
  5. Resonate:   The pace, tone and volume which you communicate with impacts how people perceive your motives and competence.  Projecting dominance or doubt reduces your chances of success.  It is important to read how you are resonating with your recipients and adjust as needed.   
  6. Intentional touch:   A non-threatening hand shake conveys authentic openness.  An appropriate pat on the shoulder or arm will initiate a new affinity for your ability to care for the recipient. 
  7. Act on purpose:   Model a reasonable, reliable pace and actions that align to your purpose.   This increases confidence and leads the way for others to buy-in and follow your lead.
If any of these skills are awkward for you...PRACTICE!  

The more authentically we connect, people feel known, we build trust and potential for influence is greatly increased.

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