These 3 things... intentions, credit and habits

 We are bombarded by other people's priorities and infinite distractions all day long.  Every notification that pops up on your phone or in your e-mail is potentially stealing moments away from what you set out to accomplish for the day.

Are you intentional about your strategies for tackling your priorities?  Do you have a defined process for setting your daily agenda?   

Here are 3 useful techniques to apply in reaching your goals

1. Set  your intentions daily

Tackling your most ambitious goals can be overwhelming.  Overthinking a whole plan to meet a goal stops many people from every starting.   Make one of your success habits, setting your intentions each morning for what you plan to tackle for the day.  Write it down.

2. Give yourself credit 

Whether you use a fancy project management tool or just jot in a notebook, log your activities throughout the day.   Keeping a running list of how your time was spent each day is a great reflective tool.  Reviewing the list allows for a visual of your accomplishments and distractions for the day.   How often do you humbly reflect on progress against your intentions and goals?

3. Adjust your habits

Building habits that support your current goals is an effective strategy to achieve success.   Habits are a big part of how we spend our time.  What regular tendencies or practices do you do throughout the day?   Are these habits highly effective for meeting your goals or do they hold you back from staying on track?  

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