Do you ever think about the YOU of decades ago?   Was there a YOU that imagined you would be somewhere else in your life by now?

When we are young, most of us are open with our opinions and think we understand our world.  We had pretty great measures of determination, attitude and idealism.  We mostly assumed the best in people. We were comfortable with ourselves and our differences from others.

Somewhere over the years, many of us take on valuing  what others think more than protecting our ideals and dreams for ourselves.   Maybe it was a conscious choice to make major career or relationship choices.  Maybe the true YOU started to disappear one small choice after another.   Maybe the facade of appearing perfect covered the freedom to pursue the desires of your heart and to learn from disappointment and mistakes.    Appearing flawless is nothing short of exhausting and crushing to the YOU that YOU set out to  be.

Wouldn't you like to live in the freedom, joy and fullness of life for which you have longed? Taking the time to intentionally rediscover your core values, passions and desires is freeing. Unmasking from others expectations and the perceptions of perfection is freedom to have the hobbies, relationships, career, attitudes and joy that you deserve!


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