What are you missing?

Are you getting the results you desire in every area of life?

If you are not at 100% of your desired results in your life, please, keep reading. 

I am going to make a few assumptions here.

  • You are an intelligent person.
  • You want to do what’s best for yourself, your relationships & your business.
  • You want to unlock more goodness in some area of life.
  • You want to live strategically to create what you desire in your life.
  • You are open to new thinking and behaviors to get different results.
  • Ok, so if those are bad assumptions, let me know and we can do a free Life Strategy session

Generally speaking, we are all going through life in one of two modes: 

Locked into autopilot, accepting what comes and complaining about what isn’t working


Unlocking greater success, joy and fulfillment daily on the journey of life

There is no better time than right NOW to reevaluate and commit to unlocking your best life.  If you are ready for new results and life experiences, then I want you to start with believing these 3 things:

YOU have what it takes 

YOU are worth the effort

Nobody else is going to do it for YOU

This week I want you to consider this question:   Is the way that you are living, behaving and thinking working to get you the results you want in life?

You are an intelligent person. You have a lot of knowledge about what is right.   From each of our unique perspective, we all mostly act in a way that seems right for us.  But what if, even though you are “right”, you are missing something that could get you better results?

Even when we are confident that we are right, we need to ask ourselves this question:  Is it worth being right if it is NOT “working” to get the results you desire?

We ALL have blind spots!

Blind spots are those areas in our life where we continually do not see ourselves, other people or our circumstances in their entirety.   This unawareness can cause relational damage and hold us back from the results we truly want in any area of life.

We ALL have blind spots!  

These blind spots can show up in character traits, habits, behaviors, patterns, skills, disciplines, addiction, weaknesses, innocence, attention to detail, ego or lack of discernment.   

Who we are and our limited perspective, determines how we see things.  We see ourselves by our intentions.  We see others by their actions.   Our blind spots limit our ability to get from intentions to action and experience different results.

Have a look at this list.   Maybe some of these blind spots apply to you in certain areas of your life.  When they are present, they are not moving you towards the results and experiences you want in your life.

Limited ability to see other people’s points of view:  Do you fully consider what others think and feel to get consensus before acting?

Insecurity that leads to ineffective relationships: Do you feel threatened or thrive on others’ progress, contributions and success?

Devalue other people:  Does a low value that you place on another person correspond to the effort you put in to getting results? 

Pride has taken over:  Do you believe that your way and your rules are the best way to get the results you want despite the other factors?

Lack of character in pursuit of your results:  Are your values, thoughts, feelings and actions in alignment in your everyday choices?

Living in your weak zone:  Are you trying to move forward in areas even where you are weak or following your intuition in areas where you have strengths?

These are just a few blind spots.  Do you recognize any of them?  Do you feel like you are right in dismissing them?  How are those blind spots working for you?

We ALL have blind spots.  Blind spots limit our ability to effectively unlock the results we desire in our health, wealth and relationships.  

By the very definition, you are not yet aware of all of your blind spots.   But, when you are ready to acknowledge them, you can eliminate them and keep unlocking more of your best life.

Are you ready to learn how we recognize and remove YOUR blind spots?

    Assume you do have blind spots
      • We all do!
      • What are you missing?
      Ask others & assessments
        • We don’t know what we don’t know.
        • Ask the people you trust and be open and humble to receive it!
        • Use STRENGTHFINDERS and personality assessments
         Accept and openly discuss with your inner circle
          • You are never going to completely remove a blind spot
          • Your inner circle can help to cover you
          • Develops consensus and a stronger team!

          Act to identify the systems and plans to address the blind spots

            • Move forward better and faster with solutions
            • Get free or paid training to find the actions you need
            Appoint a team to develop your blind spots
              • Who is on your team already?
              • Who do you need to invite to support you?
              • Buy, trade, ask for what you need

               Authorize your team with empowerment

                • You gotta let them do it!

                 Add value to your team

                  • Acknowledge the support they give you with your blind spots
                  • Appreciate and approve the value they add to you

                  Are you more determined to be right or to have things working?

                  On today's #tuesdaywithtammy.  I taught more specifics on seeing and removing your blind spots.

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                  The video is titled  How's that working for you? 11/11/19

                  When YOU begin to implement any of these strategies to remove blind spots, you unlock the results YOU desire most in life!

                  You are worth it!   

                  I hope to see you soon. 

                  Always with hugs, Tammy

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