Unlocking Leaders

I am inspired by your desire to develop your leadership team for current demands and future growth of the organization.   As we discussed, the critical path to success in your organization is developing good leaders and team members.    I would be honored to be a part of coaching and teaching personal and professional development for your team.

I have several options I can offer to support your leadership development efforts.   I speak, coach and train from relevant research and best practices on leadership and organizational development.   I am certified with the John Maxwell team and supplement with other current thought leaders teaching and tools.

How we define leadership development:

Leadership culture:   A successful leadership culture is dependent on 3 fundamental traits of the leaders for the betterment of the organization, the team and the individuals:

  • Character of the leaders provide the healthy, solid foundation of the organization
  • Desire of the leaders is to embrace potential for things to be better than they have been
  • Discipline of the leaders to perform consistently to achieve organizational goals

Leader development:  Developing highly effective leaders and the leadership culture can be addressed throughout the lifecycle of 4 stages.

Establishment:  Your organizations beliefs, ingredients and expectations around leadership

Elimination:   Eliminating the capacity or limiting belief factors that disempower your leaders 

Maturation:  Maturing the leaders to create sustainability and success

    Goals of mature leadership organization:
    • Leading ourselves before we lead others
    • Seeing the big picture, not just our picture as the leader
    • Valuing our vision while also valuing our people
    • Making right decisions for the right reason
    • Moving forward by growing and making transitions
      Marks of mature leaders:
      • Understand they are not entitled but approach from gratitude
      • Increasingly OK with not knowing everything and empowering others
      • Perform better under high pressure situations
      • Surround themselves with people that have greater gifts than theirs
      • Embrace growth of self and others more and more
      • Value wisdom that comes from failure

      Cultivation: Commitment to create possibilities greater than leaders can see for themselves and the organization

        • Personal growth
        • No limits thinking
        • Developing more effective teams
        • Raising up new leaders

              First, I want you to consider this lifecycle of developing your leaders.   Make an assessment of generally where the leadership culture and individuals currently are.   Then we can develop a plan to address the progression of your leaders.  We can jump in wherever you feel is most appropriate.

              Ways I can serve you:    Here are several ways I can support leadership development efforts

              Workshops in a group setting:    I teach on the content you would like to work on.  I provide interactive activities for engagement.  We continual assess how the team is responding and where to go next.

              Individual or group coaching:   This is very interactive to identify and address specific needs and outcomes on a more individual basis.

              Leadership Game:  Interactive tool I use to raise the leadership awareness of your team and introduce the timeless leadership and growth principles that will bring about positive change through communication and connection.    Best with teams around 8-12 persons and not larger than 15-20 at a time.   I work with you to structure best for your desired outcomes and provide assessments afterwards on where additional support can be implemented.

              Masterminds:   Ongoing weekly (or other frequency) to study specific areas for personal growth, leadership, communication, team development, etc.    Typically structured for 1-2 hours per session.  I lead with some teaching and exercises and facilitate discussion for the participants actively contribute and learn from and support each other in this setting.


              • Leadership assessments: Using 5 levels of leadership, the assessment measures 64 attributes that measure an individual on the attributes that help leaders have success at each level
              • Personality / Strengths Assessments: I.S.C. or other behavioral assessments to improve communication and leadership effectiveness

              Leadership Retreats:   Curriculum developed to maximize in-depth offsite team and leader development.

              Speaking:  Topic delivery in an audience based setting.

              Next steps:

              • Identify where in the lifecycle of leadership development we should jump in
              • Identify the persons to be involved
              • Identify the amount of time and timing
              • Consider how I can best support your efforts
              • Let’s chat about more specifics
              • I can get you a proposal for the work we agree on
              • Make it happen!

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