Executive Coaching with Tammy

Do you feel like you are living on autopilot?

Are you overwhelmed with challenging life circumstances?

Are your significant relationships harder than they should be? 

Do you feel stuck accepting your life as it is? 

Have you tried to reach your dreams and goals and given up?

Why are YOU ready for change?

Growth:      You have learned something that makes you want new results

Suffering:   You have had enough pain and discomfort and want better results

Boredom:   You are tired living on autopilot and getting the same results

Transition:  You have a significant life event that affects how you get results

Maybe you have just developed coping mechanisms in hopes of protecting yourself from as much failure and pain as possible. Busyness combined with life's challenges, can leave us overwhelmed, exhausted and feeling stuck well beneath our potential and dreams.  

Living with your unreached potential and purpose leaves us feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, trapped and even hopelessness in your life.

I have been there. I have always had meaningful activity in my life but I let life's challenges hold me back from living my purpose for too long. After years of setbacks, I finally had enough and refused to live life a victim to my circumstances.  I embarked on my personal journey of unlocking greater peace, joy, freedom and fulfillment and never went back to being stuck!   

Life coaching is about finding your authentic self and creating your desired future:

  • YOU can experience joy & peace, while navigating the most challenging seasons of your life.
  • YOU can find your authentic best self after divorce, career change or other major life transitions.
  • YOU can discover your purpose and make your unique impact in the world.
  • YOU can become a great leader in your home, community and work.
  • YOU can increase the confidence needed to achieve the next level of success in your health, wealth and relationships.

We all have blind spots.  We can all benefit from having a thinking partner that we trust.  We can all progress faster with accountability to implement what we really want in life.  The keys are already in you.  As your coach, we will unlock your potential and dreams from your authentic best self

How well can you answer the following questions TODAY?

Who are YOU? 

Have you lost touch with your authentic self? Your best self is in your unique combination of beliefs, values, circumstances, strengths, weaknesses, gifts, struggles, experiences, desires and dreams.  Together, we will unlock who YOU truly, authentically desire to be in life.

What do YOU want?

Are you pursuing your passions, purpose and dreams full out?  You must give yourself permission to imagine what your life could be and most importantly what you truly want it to be. Together, we will unlock the desires YOU have in every area of your life.

How YOU will get there?

Do you get stuck in indecision about the paths and steps to get the life you want.  You need to gain the clarity, confidence and energy pursue the paths to realize your dreams. Together, we will unlock the paths to move YOU toward your goals. 

What is holding YOU back?

Do you know what is keeping you stuck, overwhelmed or uncertain? You will become free to unlock your best life when you remove the limiting beliefs, misunderstandings and lies that hold you back.   Together, we will unlock new thinking and beliefs that serve YOU well.

Ready for Unlocking YOUR Best Life?

Have you tried before to achieve new results and struggled to be successful The best of intentions alone will not get you the life you desire.   Together, we will work through my SMARTIES  framework for unlocking YOUR best life!

Are you ready for the next step to your future?

Purpose: Finding meaning in YOUR unique calling 

Legacy:  Making YOUR unique impact in the world

LeadershipDeveloping YOUR self-mastery 

Parenting:  Improving YOUR skill and confidence

Support: Navigating the challenges of YOUR life 

Faith:  Strengthening and living out YOUR faith 

Well-being:  Improving YOUR mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health

Wealth:  Defining and creating YOUR financial success 

Relationships:  Eliminating toxic people and creating YOUR healthy boundaries

Business:  Building YOUR own business or strengthening YOUR teams

YOUR potential for more of the best in any area of YOUR life and business is waiting to be unlocked.  I am honored to serve YOU on the journey.

I provide coaching for life, leadership and business success.  I partner with individuals, groups, teams, families, businesses, churches, communities and organizations on the journey to lasting transformation.

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