About Unlocking Life, LLC.

Unlocking YOUR Best Life is committed to coaching people on the journey of living lives that are well integrated, meaningful and truly fulfilling.

YOUR life has a very unique combination of circumstances, strengths, gifts, struggles, experiences, desires and dreams.  We honor your unique life. 

YOUR best life is not supposed to be a destination like anyone else’s.   

YOUR best life is a journey where you can feel successful and fulfilled every day, even in the midst of life's challenges.   

If you are ready to improve your health, wealth, relationships and impact, we are here to help you unlock new results.
Every person and business has unique influence for making a positive impact in the world.  Maybe even bigger than you can think or imagine! 
We believe that you are unlocking YOUR best life daily when you:
  • own your authentic identity
  • integrate all facets of life well
  • dream big dreams for yourself
  • pursue your unique purposes and impact 
  • commit to your goals daily
  • live out your influence in the world
  • find joy in the journey
  • feel fulfillment daily
We provide online training, coaching programs and live speaking to support each journey from where you are to where you want to be in life and business.
  • We coach individuals looking for specific results on their life's journey.
  • We have a roadmap for a whole personal reinvention.
  • We support corporations needing to enhance corporate culture or improve business development.
  • We help entrepreneurs unlock their great impact in the world.
We passionately love to help people experience success, while unlocking their best life daily!
The keys to unlocking your best life are in your thoughts, emotions, actions and support. We work together on the attitudes, strategies, knowledge, steps and support needed to reach your goals.
Tammy McKinney is the primary speaker, coach and trainer at Unlocking Your Best Life. Her expertise combines her years of corporate management, entrepreneurship and private coaching with proven research on human potential, personal leadership and goal achievement best practices. We trust that you will find Tammy to be compassionate and highly effective as she thoughtfully shares learning from her own journey of overcoming life’s challenges & experiencing many victories in business and life.
Our team is a critical thinking partner on our client’s journey to getting clarity on who they really are, what they really want, who they are choosing to become and where they desire to truly grow. We are committed to helping you set strategic goals and implement the actions and support required to achieve your new desired results. Using proven tools, research and teaching, we partner with you to gain clarity, ignite growth, unleash strengths, overcome resistance, gain skills and achieve YOUR goals.
YOU will make your unique impact in the world and keep Unlocking YOUR Best Life!
What are your growth objectives in business and life?
What are your biggest challenges? 
How intentionally do you evaluate the cause and effect of your results? 
Are you ready for more success and significance? 
Do you have thinking partners that challenge you to go to the next level?


We partner with individuals, teams, families, businesses, churches, communities and organizations. We are here to challenge and develop you and your team to:   

  • Gain clarity and work out what’s most important
  • Define the desired changes and outcomes 
  • Develop the motivational and behavioral strategies to go and achieve it
  • Execute with accountability that ensures results

Ultimately, our mission is to deliver value to you so that you can add value to the world you influence.  

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No matter where you are on life's journey, it is YOUR journey and your life to unlock.   We are your thinking partners on the journey of unlocking YOUR best results in business, health, wealth, relationships and impact.   

Have a look around our site and let us know if you are ready to close some gaps on reaching your goals :)