About Unlocking Life, LLC.

 No matter how awesome or challenging our life is, we all have the opportunity to achieve and experience more.  Growth toward our goals in business and any area of life comes with the right combination of key attitudes, knowledge, strategy, actions and support. 

Unlocking Your Best Life aims to inspire, educate and activate the unlocking of great potential to reach big goals.   We offer speaking, training and coaching on proven principles and practices to unlock success through study and practical application. 

What are your growth objectives in business and life?
What are your biggest challenges? 
How intentionally do you evaluate the cause and effect of your results? 
Are you ready for more success and significance? 
Do you have thinking partners that challenge you to go to the next level?


We partner with individuals, teams, families, businesses, churches, communities and organizations. We are here to challenge and develop you and your team to:   

  • Gain clarity and work out what’s most important
  • Define the desired changes and outcomes 
  • Develop the motivational and behavioral strategies to go and achieve it
  • Execute with accountability that ensures results

Ultimately, our mission is to deliver value to you so that you can add value to the world you influence.  

Tammy McKinney is the founder and principal coach at Unlocking Your Best Life.   She leverages her years of business experience, training, skills and life values to deliver powerful results driven teaching, speaking and coaching on human performance and achievement in all areas of life. 

She is proud to be member of the world class John Maxwell Team and National Assoc of Women Professionals.  Tammy enlists her network of resources to provide leading principles, products and practices for growth, success and significance, based on your goals and desired results.  Click for more about Tammy.  

Have a look around our site and let us know if you are ready to close some gaps on reaching your goals :)