About Unlocking Life, LLC.

 Unlocking YOUR Best Life

Hey there! Welcome.

We are here to serve YOU when you are ready to unlock new results in:
  • YOUR health
  • YOUR wealth
  • YOUR relationships
  • YOUR business
  • YOUR leadership
  • YOUR purpose
  • YOUR impact

We offer several approaches to get the transformations and new results you are looking for.   Whether you follow our free content online somewhere or join one of our programs, we are here to add value and support to YOUR journey to unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life.

 YOUR potential for more of the best any area of YOUR life and business is waiting to be unlocked and we are honored to serve YOU on the journey.

WHAT we believe:

YOUR best life is living YOUR authentic best self with well integrated, meaningful activity that brings you joy and fulfillment daily in pursuit of what matters most to YOU. 

YOUR life has a very unique combination of circumstances, strengths, struggles, experiences, gifts, hurts, desires and dreams .  We honor YOUR unique life with love and without judgment.

YOUR best life is not supposed to be like anyone else’s.   

YOUR best life is a journey of unlocking success, joy and fulfillment every single day on YOUR terms, even in the midst of life's challenges and disappointments. 

YOUR unique purpose is to use YOUR unique influence to make a positive impact in the world.  Maybe even bigger than you have let yourself think or imagine! 

YOUR unique influence will make a bigger impact in the world when you leverage YOUR presence through building your business, your marketing or sharing your voice online.  

WHAT we do:

We provide individual and group coaching programs, online training and live event speaking to serve you on the journey to unlocking YOUR best self and YOUR best life.  Our mission is to support you with the keys to go from where you are to where you want to be in any are of life and business.

We know that motivation for change in any area of life comes from one of the following:

  • YOU have learned something that makes you want new results
  • YOU have suffered enough and want better results
  • YOU are tired or bored of the same results
  • YOU have a significant life event that affects how you get results

New results are important.  Positive change is good. Growth is necessary. We know that getting new results can be very overwhelming, challenging, even scary to tackle alone.   Maybe you are here because you are ready for some change or improvement in your life and wonder if we can support you.

WHO we serve:


  • YOU, if you are looking for specific new and better results in some area of YOUR life.
  • YOU, if you are craving more joy and fulfillment in YOUR life.
  • YOU, if you are ready to unlock YOUR best self and YOUR untapped potential.
  • YOU, if you want a roadmap for a whole personal reinvention of YOUR life.

Your business:

  • YOU, if you need to enhance YOUR corporate culture
  • YOU, if you are working on business development for bigger results.
  • YOU, if you are an entrepreneur ready to unlock YOUR great impact in the world.

HOW we help:

The keys to Unlocking Your Best Life are in your SMARTIES. 😊

We believe that any significant sustainable change can be put through our SMARTIES method of discovery and implementation to achieve new results.

Whether you are wanting more joy, a greater sense of fulfillment, improved health, more wealth, better relationships, increased business or support living out your life purpose, our SMARTIES method will support the journey.  

The SMARTIES method takes YOU through the discovery of the key who, what, when where, how for unlocking YOUR new results.

Curious what these SMARTIES are?


A strategy is a way of describing how you are going to get things done.  A strategy is a thoughtful approach to moving toward a desired goal or result.  The right Key strategies keep you aligned with your overall vision, mission, and goals for YOUR best self and best life.


A mindset is the fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines our responses to and interpretations of situations.   We have the ability to choose the state of mind we are in.  The key mindsets we adopt in life are critical to how much success, happiness and wealth we achieve.   Effectiveness in any area of life comes down to the state of mind we choose to live in.


Actions are the behaviors & systems that bring about results. When we get really clear and intentional about the KEY actions that move us toward or goals.


Resources are the source or supply of something we need to move forward.  We are all gifted with natural talents and abilities.  Additional KEY resources are usually needed for moving toward a new result


Team is the people you need to move you forward.  The KEY people on your team can

Make all the difference to support and move you forward. 


Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning.


Energy is the physical, mental and emotional fortitude you have to stay aligned with your best self.  The key to personal success, happiness, and living a good life lies within your control. It depends on how well you manage your energy.


Systems are the thoughtful practices we put in place to have sustainable change!

We coach and teach taking any change or desired new result you are looking for through the SMARTIES method.  We offer the support you need for implementing these keys to get the results you truly desire!

WHEN we help:

When you are ready to own the unlocking process and embrace the journey to your authentic best self and best life!

WHERE we help:

You can catch our free teaching and coaching to encourage and support you on many social media platforms and in our newsletters.  

 Facebook, podcast, youTube, Instagram…

 For our paid programs, we use phone, video technology, social media platforms and our custom portal to meet you right where you are at.  As long as you have wi-fi or a phone, we can connect and support you.  

WHY we help:

We truly, passionately love to help people experience joy and fulfillment, while unlocking their best life daily!

The keys to unlocking YOUR best life are in you.   They are in YOUR thoughts, YOUR emotions, YOUR actions and YOUR support.  We work together on the SMARTIES needed to define and and reach YOUR goals.

Tammy McKinney is the primary speaker, coach and trainer at Unlocking Your Best Life.  Her expertise combines her years of corporate management, entrepreneurship and private coaching with proven principles and research on human potential, personal leadership and goal achievement best practices.

We trust that you will find Tammy to be compassionate and highly effective as she thoughtfully shares learning from her own journey of overcoming life’s challenges & experiencing many victories in business and life.

Tammy is a critical thinking partner on our client’s journey to getting clarity on who they really are, what they really want, who they are choosing to become and where they desire to truly grow. We are committed to helping you set strategic goals and implement the actions and support required to achieve your new desired results.

Using proven tools, research and teaching, we partner with you to gain clarity, ignite growth, unleash strengths, overcome resistance, gain skills and achieve YOUR goals.

YOU are here to make your unique impact in the world and keep Unlocking YOUR Best Life!

What are your growth objectives in business and life?

What are your biggest challenges? 

How intentionally do you evaluate the cause and effect of your results? 

Are you ready for more success and significance? 

Do you have thinking partners that challenge you to go to the next level?

We partner with individuals, teams, families, businesses, churches, communities and organizations. We are here to challenge and develop YOU and  YOUR team to:   

  • Gain clarity and work out what’s most important
  • Define the desired changes and outcomes 
  • Develop the motivational and behavioral strategies to go and achieve it
  • Execute with accountability that ensures results

Ultimately, our mission is to deliver value to you so that you can add value to the world you influence.  

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No matter where you are on life's journey, it is YOUR journey and your life to unlock.   We are your thinking partners on the journey of unlocking YOUR best results in business, health, wealth, relationships and impact.   

Have a look around our site and let us know if you are ready to close some gaps on reaching your goals :)