About Unlocking Life, LLC.

We believe that when you Live, Love & Lead with purpose, on purpose, you unlock your best in your work, families, communities, & the world.
We develop people & organizations that want to increase their impact, well-being and life satisfaction.
Our consultants provide Coaching, Training and Speaking for personal and professional success. 
We focus on developing leaders in these 3 areas:
1) VISION - For the future state you wish to create
  • DESIGN Your Best Self
  • DESIGN Your Best Work
  • DESIGN Your Best Relationships
  • DESIGN Your Best Life 
2) SELF-LEADERSHIP - To accelerate your results with clarity, confidence & consistency
  • PLAN - Goals and SMARTIES for success
  • GROW - Create a plan to Heal, Eliminate, Learn & Practice for success
  • PERFORM - Develop SMARTIES for success
3) LEADERSHIP to influence and enroll the right people at the right time, for greater success at work and home
  • LEAD for greater positivity, well-being and impact
  • LEAD from your vision and innovation
  • LEAD from your authentic best self 
  • LEAD with effective communication
  • LEAD for faster problem resolution
  • LEAD for greater positivity, well-being and impact
We help people unlock joy, fulfilment and freedom in their relationships, work and home, despite life's inevitable challenges.
Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Organizations come to us when they want to:
✨ Motivate, inspire & lead well, but are struggling with burnout or exhaustion
✨ Increase productivity & well-being for themselves & their team
✨ Communicate more effectively for more positive cultures at work & home 

They want to STOP:
🛑 Letting challenges & circumstances limit their effectiveness
🛑 Living in reaction, autopilot or survival mode
🛑 Overwhelm, resignation & negativity

🙄 Can you relate to any of these?
We are committed to supporting leaders & organizations that want to make a positive difference in the world. 

✨ UYES Leadership Consulting ✨ 
We address today's most relevant productivity, engagement and well-being challenges facing today's leaders.  We develop leaders and cultures that prioritize positivity, well-being and higher performance to reduce attrition, navigate challenges faster, increase performance & create your bigger impact.

Our workshops & coaching are packed with real-life examples, simple tools, best practices & proven principles in human behavior, goal achievement, personal growth, & leadership development.

Now more than ever, positive, healthy, & impact driven organizations are needed to rise up. We offer many options to catalyze the growth of your leaders & cultivate highly effective teams.

✨ UYES Mentorship Program ✨ 
Impact Driven Individuals to Break free from burnout, excuses, setbacks, & procrastination.  It's time to finally Unlock Your Extraordinary Success through our proven UYES roadmap. 
You will have coaching, community & accountability to develop your: 
  • VISION for your best impact, work, relationships & life
  • SELF-LEADERSHIP to accelerate your success with clarity, confidence & consistency
  • LEADERSHIP to enroll the right people at the right time, for greater success at work and home
see www.UYESMentorship.com
Our mission is helping you accelerate your vision for success with improved performance, greater well-being, effective communication, & healthy relationships in your personal & profession life.

As the owner, with over 30 years of experience and expertise, Tammy McKinney is committed to providing consultants & coaches to
support people making their difference in the world.

Are you ready to take yourself or your team to the next level?

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A bit more on Coach Tammy


Hi, I'm Tammy McKinney, founder of Unlocking Your Best Life, Leadership Consulting Company.  We offer Coaching, Speaking & Training to take your Relationships, Business & Life to the next level of success.  I built this company, specifically to take into account the impact driven leader's heart, the many hats we wear, our desire to serve our families and communities, perform well in our work and add value to the world.

From Corporate Executive to Entrepreneur, while raising my 4 favorite humans, I have achieved great success and many setbacks, while navigated some of life's most challenging circumstances.  I am obsessed with living authentically and unlocking joy, fulfillment and freedom daily, despite life's unexpected struggles. From my personal experience and expertise, I am on mission supporting others to do the same.    

I am a single mom and businesswoman who has supported my loved ones through mental illness, addiction, and chronic health issues. I navigated a difficult 29-year marriage and ultimately divorce struggling kids still at home and building a business during the pandemic. I know the journey from feeling lost in the overwhelm of life to unlocking true joy and fulfillment, despite life’s trials. 

As a woman in continual pursuit of personal growth, impactful leadership and life by design, I am committed to serving others to reach their potential.  I created developed the UYES Roadmap and programs to help others develop:

  • VISION to strategically design the relationships, work and life you want
  • SELF-LEADERSHIP to achieve your vision
  • LEADERSHIP to enroll and lead the right people for success
I have committed my life to learning best practices from thought leaders for creating success in business & life. I am degreed in Business and certified in John Maxwell LeadershipLCIA Life Coaching, and ACSM wellness.
My team's expertise and experience come from applying proven principles on High Performance, Leadership, Self-Improvement, Well-being, Human Behavior, Positive Psychology and Business Development with their clients and themselves.  

I have spent over 30 years, helping clients Develop Leadership, Build Businesses & achieve business & life success, by design. I have helped hundreds of individuals and business owners break free from excuses, setbacks, and procrastination to gain clarity, confidence, and courage to create and achieve their goals.


We believe Extraordinary Success comes when you authentically LIVE, LOVE and LEAD a well-integrated life by YOUR design 

We help you live from your vision for success so that you can make y
our difference in the world, while navigating adversity well and finding joy, fulfillment and freedom daily.

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You are worth it
Coach Tammy

My personal commitment to you... 

I honor your truth, your values, your beliefs and your vision.  My own values and beliefs are rooted in scripture and my Christian faith. I am humbled to support my clients with scripture, prayer and testimony of God’s power in my own life, but only when requested to do so.

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