About Unlocking Life, LLC.

Hi there!   
I am Tammy Mckinney and my mission is helping people with Unlocking Your Best Life. 

I believe that our best life is found on the a journey of unlocking joy, freedom & fulfillment daily while using our influence to make our unique impact in the world.
Unlocking success in your work, play, health, relationships and life is possible! Success in every area of live requires clarity, courage, confidence, consistency, commitment & connections to support your life vision and goals.   

Achieving success in every area of life is pretty impossible to do on your own.  That is why I do what I do!   

I coach, train and speak on the keys for unlocking your best self and your best life.  I coach from proven principles, research, and best practices in personal growth, human performance, psychology, leadership, and goal achievement for a well-integrated life with great impact and great life satisfaction.  

My expertise comes from lifelong study combined with over 30 years of experience as a corporate executive turned entrepreneur, working with amazing clients and raising 4 of my favorite humans.  My passion is strengthened by own successes and overcoming some major challenges in business and life.   

Life can be so hard and overwhelming.  Most people end up stuck in their struggles or on autopilot.  I want more for YOU and your business.

As a coach, trainer and speaker, I am honored to be a critical thinking partner and collaborator for each of my client’s journey. I currently work with:
  • Entrepreneurs ready to increase their influence, income and impact
  • Individual leaders wanting to take their life and business to the next level
  • Organizations developing stronger leadership to achieve their vision
I help create and implement your unique roadmap to success.  Together, we will design, plan, grow, perform, and optimize your leadership, your business and your life for success with greater joy, fulfillment and freedom. 

I truly BELIEVE in people's potential.  I LOVE what I get to do every day.

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A bit more of a bio

Tammy McKinney is a Certified Life and Leadership coach who helps people stop struggling and start thriving in their personal and professional life.  Tammy helps her clients see possibility in living their truth and achieving results that bring greater joy, fulfillment and freedom, despite life's challenging circumstances.   

Tammy combines her highly effective coaching practices with proven principles of personal growth, human potential, leadership, self-mastery, positive psychology, business building and goal achievement best practices. From corporate executive to full-time mom to entrepreneur, she shares a wealth of knowledge from her life with her clients.

She is a mom and business woman who has supported loved ones through mental illness, addiction, and chronic health issues. She navigated a difficult divorce after 29 years of marriage with struggling kids still at home and building a business. She knows the journey from feeling lost in the overwhelm of life to unlocking true joy and fulfillment, despite life’s trials. 

Tammy believes each individual person is worth knowing, owning and living their own authentic truth and dreams. She does work with individuals and organizations from diverse value and belief systems to reach achieve their unique mission and vision.

YOU deserve to experience joy, fulfillment and freedom while making your unique impact in the world!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I would love to chat about your goals and dreams. 

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Just a bit more personal info... 

Many of Tammy's own values are rooted in Christian beliefs. She is honored to support the coaching processes with scripture, prayer and testimony of God’s power in her own life, when requested by clients.

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