"Partnering with Tammy McKinney is the best investment in your business and yourself. Starting an online coaching business never would have happened for me without her support. Her Unlocked Entrepreneur Mastermind provided expert weekly teaching, personalized feedback, and an encouraging community. It was everything I needed to start my business and make consistent progress (no matter what challenges this 2020 pandemic year had in store!) I can’t wait to continue growing my business in her 2021 UYES program. If you want to meet your goals, get yourself a Tammy McKinney!"  Dr. Audra Roach - Home School Consultant

"I am so happy that I found Tammy at Unlocking Your Best Life and specifically the UYES program for entrepreneurs! The program and advice provided specific action items to help me clarify my vision, focus on my goals and stay motivated! I now have a newly published book and plans for three more!" - Angie Lofton - Author & Coach

Tammy McKinney is an amazing business coach! I knew I needed Tammy to help me to grow my business.  I did not realize how she would help me create a vision for my life that I am looking forward to and I now see as a real possibility!  Tammy has helped me to establish a daily plan that is congruent with my goals, as well as seeking the quality of life that I desire for my family and myself.  Tammy is just awesome and so many people need UYES in their lives.. they just may not know it.   I took a leap of faith and I’m so grateful that I did!" Tammy Todack, Realtor

"Tammy is a tremendous coach! Not only does she possess the knowledge and tools to help you move forward in your life, she also has a tremendous heart and is a true encourager. I would highly recommend Tammy to anyone who is growing their career, business, or is seeking to become a better version of who they are." - Ken Hanning - Marketing Director 

"What I liked best about Tammy is that she was considerate of my time and accommodated me based on my needs, the things I need to consider and the things that will build up and strength and negate weaknesses. She took time to know me as an individual first and that is what I truly appreciate with her session. If you want someone to guide you to where you're headed I would definitely recommend Tammy as your coach!"  Mary Balangitan, Bizmate Trainier

"Coach Tammy has helped me be more confident & overcome fears starting my own business in the Health & Wellness industry. She has guided me to clarify who my ideal client is and how to connect with them. 
She helps me to understand it’s a marathon & not a sprint. Anyone starting out on the entrepreneurial journey knows that it can be frustrating and overwhelming at times. Tammy is a great coach to guide you & hold you accountable to get you well on your way to success!  On a more personal note, Tammy is a genuine person who seeks the good in people & has a huge heart of gold & loves her family & the Lord fiercely.  I highly recommend Tammy McKinney’s UYES Accelerator program for coaching, training and community support."
Janine S. - Health & Wellness Business Owner

"Thanks so much for your time and wisdom today. I am so grateful to have a coach like you... you soothe my worries, sort me out, cheer me on, and push me to get going! You are everything, Coach Tammy! Thank God for you!"  - Audra 

"Tammy has been a great mentor to me in so many ways. Her positive outlook and friendly disposition always improves my day. I value the way she encourages me, but also challenges me to up my game, no matter what we are working on. " Michelle D. Corp. Exec.

"When facing difficult choices in life, or just trying to figure out the right path for my life I have always found it helpful to turn to someone who could understand what I was searching for. If finding a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable person is you goal, then I would highly recommend Tammy McKinney"  - DB

"I have completed two Mastermind courses with Tammy.   I have grown greatly from both. Not enough can be said about the benefit of doing life and navigating challenges with like-minded people that dedicate time to growth.  Tammy does a great job of facilitating discussion and does not think twice about challenging participants to be better and do better.  She has a genuine desire to help people improve their lives by providing moral support, in-depth interpretation of the resource (book, usually) being studied, as well as everything her experience as a life coach brings to the table, which is a lot!  Since participating in the Mastermind sessions: In business I have become more direct with my team members while lifting them up at the same time.  In my personal life, I have shared the leadership skills and positive mindset guidelines discussed with my children and we work together on implementing them.  I learn more from people's trips and falls than from their "look what I've done", and Mastermind participants are willing to go there.  Many thanks to Tammy and her consistent offering of growth opportunities."    -Terri S. Serial Entrepreneur 

I could go on and on about Tammy but people might think I’d lost my mind.  What I would give to be 20 again and be "Unlocking My Life” for the first time .. or even to know it was an option!  - Ruth

"If there's one thing I know it's....I LOVE group settings. Especially when it comes to personal development. Surround yourself with others that want to be better versions of themselves and watch yourself grow!! <3 Thank you Tammy for investing your time and attention into me."   Beth A. - Marketing Specialist 

"These mastermind groups have been a place to connect, grow and encourage others toward their dreams. At the same time keeping my dream in front of me where I am growing and refining it along the way."  Jody H. Fitness Business Owner

 "You are one of the most positive and inspirational people I've ever met - I was very much impressed with you and your presentations. I enjoyed everyone of your sessions - your research on every subject was very well and professionally done.   I could not have asked for better motivation. will always be grateful for having met you . " Marita - Life Coaching Client

"Tammy is a very smart and driven individual.  When I think of facilitating, coaching, leadership, training, caring, etc.. Tammy comes to mind.  She is amazing.  One of her many gifts is her ability to facilitate many large projects at once, be planning more large projects and smile all the way through.  That is very admirable." - Ruth S - Client

"Tammy not only impacts her class with her knowledge. She shows individual interest in everyone in her class. She has a special gift of bringing everyone together as a family.  She is such a genuine and caring person with a terrific sense of humor. " Connie 

"I have never met anyone before with your energy and foresight, your ability to get everyone involved & feel good about themselves during their struggles because you're standing right there doing it yourself & cheering them on! You're personable & upbeat & that rubs off on others" Pat

"I have known Tammy for some years now she is a wonderful human being.
She has many resources to help people in many ways cause she is caring and generous besides is very knowledgeable." Patricia

"Tammy uses her strong relational skills to make people believe in themselves"  

"Tammy has a gentle way of keeping you on track, smiles and is encouraging you to help yourself, so you can be all that you can be."  Emma P. Realtor