Unlocking Your Entrepreneur Success

The right roadmap, the right guide, &  the right keys will accelerate your success.

I created this year-long program— to propel you on your journey

This is for entrepreneurs that are ready to level up their business and life – in 2021 and beyond.

Are you overwhelmed by “all the things” on this Entrepreneur journey?

Let me be your guide!

The UYES Accelerator is a high-touch online program with the keys to unlocking your success.  As your guide, we will be on the journey together every week for 12 months.  You will have LIVE calls, coaching, masterminding, accountability, a library of training, Q&A with other experts and more – you will have access to a thinking partner, expert advice, and community support for a whole year.

Are you disappointed that you have not have created big results as quickly as you would like?  

Maybe this last year has left you feeling…

  • Discouraged not making the progress you want
  • Exhausted serving clients while trying to build business
  • Pivoting due to circumstances outside your control
  • Frustrated with your current level of productivity
  • Confused about which platforms, resources, and tools to use
  • Overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the marketing strategies
  • Stuck in indecision because you do not want to make the wrong move
  • Neglect for the rest of your life goals to build your business
  • Doubt about your purpose, mission, goals, and dreams
  • Longing to learn how to scale and make more money
  • Tired of posting and engaging without real traction to build your audience
  • Loss of confidence because the revenue is not coming as quickly as you hoped

I know so many entrepreneurs struggling to create the success that matches their big dreams.  I have been there too.

I know about working hard and still struggling to make the progress I want.  I’ve wasted time spinning with indecision about the best path to take.  My confidence has tanked and taken productivity with it many times. I have made mistakes, some pretty expensive ones too. 

 I have invested, learned, failed, grown and achieved big goals. NOW, I have more big dreams and I am unlocking success with great joy, fulfillment, and freedom daily.   I want that for you!

Spoiler alert…  Statistics say that up to 90% of startups fail.  I am here to tell YOU that you are meant to be in the 10% of successful entrepreneurs!

How would you feel this time next year if you multiplied your income and impact significantly with momentum to continue beyond 2021? 

Your fulfilment increases when your influence is reaching more of the right people.

You experience more joy when you are confident in your next steps.

How great would it be to have the success that brings more time freedom to enjoy every facet of your life?

Sometimes we need straight-up training on how to get to the next step. 

Sometimes we need a thinking partner to help us see our blind spots and spark our creativity. 

Imagine how incredible it would feel to know that you have coaching, expertise, and encouragement for an entire year.

What does Unlocking Your Entrepreneur Success Look like? 

Expand your Influence
Multiply your Income
Amplify your Impact
Boost your Joy
Increase your Fulfilment
Propel your Freedom

    It all starts with YOUR clear & unique roadmap for the life and business you truly desire.  I am here to guide you to design, plan, grow, perform, and optimize for YOUR best business & life.

    When you invest and fully commit to your success journey, you will know

    This is what joy, fulfilment & freedom feels like every day!”

    This UYES Accelerator is an incredible mix that is different from all other business coaching or training programs.  This is a very comprehensive 12 month high-touch program designed to level up your results and accelerate your progress on your business and personal goals.

    You will get keys to unlocking your entrepreneur success through…

    • coaching & training on proven SMARTIES© of successful entrepreneurs
    • deep-dive strategy sessions to refine your unique UYES Roadmap©
    • transformational challenges and accountability to increase your focus and productivity
    • a library of training, tools, and resources from subject matter experts
    • access to support daily to expedite removing your roadblocks
    • a community of driven entrepreneurs to mastermind solutions

    Over our 12 months together we will:

        DESIGN your best business & life using the F-10 Matrix©
      PLAN your business to multiply your income & impact
        GROW your influence to reach the people you are meant to serve
        PERFORM with confidence & excellence using the SMARTIES Framework©
        OPTIMIZE your business & life with the 7-Cs for success ©

      You will get RESULTS. Unexpected RESULTS. Life-changing RESULTS.

      You can expect to …

      • Increase your confidence to propel your influence
      • Gain momentum with clear strategies to multiply your income
      • Amplify the impact you know you are here to make
      • Become more effective in dealing with setbacks
      • Ignite your creativity and opportunities with a community
      • Speed up the learning for building your business
      • Reveal and release the mindsets that keep you stuck
      • Simplify with systems for greater time freedom
      • Align your thoughts, feelings, and actions for a well-integrated life of success
      • Increase life satisfaction on your entrepreneur journey

      You will go from suffering in overwhelm and struggling alone to more quickly getting bigger results.


      Some things you may want to know about me…

      I am that corporate exec that turned entrepreneur over 15 years ago.  I am absolutely confident in my life callings to be a Momma of 4, Grammy of 2, a very compassionate coach & businesswoman.  Like motherhood, entrepreneurship has been worth the hard work, the inevitable challenges and the HUGE investment of my time, growth, energy, and resources.  (FYI - being a Grammy is easy 😊)

      Too many people are living on autopilot or as a victim to life’s circumstances.  I have been there.

      There have been many detours on my entrepreneur journey while caregiving for loved ones with mental illness, addiction, and chronic health issues.  I learned to overcome all new fears and self-doubt while navigating a painful divorce after 29 years. Life can be so hard. I have been there.

      Being a successful entrepreneur requires great resilience, persistence, and commitment. The journey TRULY brings me joy, fulfillment, and freedom every single day. I am there.

      Everyone has a story and a unique impact to make in the world.  

      AND - there has never been a better time to expand your influence, increase your income and make your unique impact in the world.  I am committed helping people unlocking their best life by living their purpose, on purpose every day.  I want YOU there.

      This is why I coach! 

      This is why I created this UYES Accelerator program. 

      This is not a "course".   It’s an entire program for entrepreneurs who want to increase INFLUENCE, INCOME, and IMPACT with greater whole life satisfaction - in 2021 and beyond.  

      One big reason entrepreneurs struggle, even fail, is because they don’t have a roadmap to the life and business success, they truly desire. They stall or breakdown searching and waiting for the next breakthrough.

      That is why The UYES Accelerator includes…


      Design your best business & life

      • Your best self: Your authentic way of being
      • Your whys: Your motivation
      • Your journey: Where you want to go

      Without a clear life vision as our GPS, we can wander with randomness and costly detours.  We will use the F-10 Life Matrix© to get really clear on what your well-integrated best life & business looks like.


      Plan your business income & impact with more freedom

      • Value: What problem you solve
      • Audience: Your ideal clients
      • Offers: Exactly what you are selling
      • Income: Revenue sources
      • Brand Definition & Presence: How people will know & remember you

      Without a map to increase your income and impact, you will waste time and money on dead ends. Whether you are just starting out or been in business for years, you will love the UYES Guides to help you clarify who, what, why, and how you serve.


      GROW your influence to reach the people you are meant to serve

      • Followers & audiences: the people you serve to know, like and trust you
      • Engagement: to turn followers into buyers
      • Social proof: to build your reliability and credibility
      • Measure & Adjust: to gauge and propel your influence

      How will people know, like and trust you? Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on solutions that do not feel reliable, credible, and trustworthy. Training from leading subject matter experts for entrepreneurs will propel your knowledge and confidence.


      PERFORM with confidence and excellence using the SMARTIES Framework©

      • Strategies: Guide your time, energy, and effort
      • Mindsets: Develop attitudes and beliefs for success
      • Actions: Align to produce desired results
      • Resources: Acquire to grow and operate business
      • Teammates: Enlist for progress and expansion
      • Influence: Increase your capacity to affect others
      • Energy: Generate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fortitude
      • Systems: Develop for time freedom and sustainable growth

      This is where the proverbial rubber hits the road! 

      How will you think, feel and act for success?

      There will be plenty of teaching on proven SMARTIES© for your success.  However, every entrepreneur will be on different leg of their journey.  That’s why –  I will be teaching you to coach yourself using the SMARTIES framework © to overcome any roadblocks and reach any goal.


      OPTIMIZE your business & life with the 7-Cs for success ©

      These 7 KEYS must be gauged and aligned to optimize your success.

      • Commitment: to your best self, your goals and your priorities every day
      • Clarity: to think, feel and act with wisdom for the next right steps
      • Courage: to be your authentic best self and purse your best life daily
      • Confidence: that you are competent and capable of reaching your goals
      • Creativity: for opportunities, problem solving and making your impact
      • Consistency: of the habits, disciplines & systems for well-being and success.
      • Connection: with those that will inspire, support and encourage your success

      Tune ups will be required!  These 7 KEYS are your gauges to assess your performance.  They must continually be monitored so that you can adjust and optimize for your success. 


      Do you want to know more of the nitty gritty?

      Coaching: Live and interactive

      • Weekly Transformation Time – 1 hour mastermind group zoom
      • Weekly Accountability call – 30-45 min small group zoom
      • Weekly Needle Movers - challenges in the UYES FB group
      • Quarterly Workshops refining your UYES roadmap - zoom
      • Quarterly individual strategy call – 90 minutes zoom
      • Weekly Office Hours - zoom
      • Support within 4 business hours – Telegram & FB group

      TrainingStored in the UYES library

      • SMARTIES © for high performance from Tammy - released weekly
      • Foundations trainings from SME’s – recorded
      • UYES Implementation Guides - downloads
      • Q&As from guest SMEs & Tammy – LIVE & recorded

      Community: Live and interactive

      • Community for feedback and encouragement – UYES group on FB
      • Weekly Transformation Time – 1 hour mastermind group zoom

      *SMARTIES © - Strategies, Mindsets, Actions, Resources, Teammates, Influence, Energy, Systems

      *SMESubject Matter Experts on tools, platforms, frameworks, etc.


      Why I might just be the guide for YOUR journey?

      I am a Success Coach for Business & Life because it is my calling!  My life’s mission is to help people with unlocking joy, freedom & fulfillment daily while using their influence to make their unique impact in the world.

      I help my clients get transformation from highly effective coaching practices combined with proven principles, research, and best practices in personal growth, human performance, leadership, and goal achievement. My expertise comes from 30+ years of strategically investing in training, coaching and certifications combined with lessons and successes as a corporate executive and entrepreneur.  My work is always strengthened by helping each client overcome life’s inevitable challenges and get bigger results.

      I really think you will love us because…

      You will find that I am an authentic and deeply compassionate thinking partner for each client’s unique journey to success. I am fully committed to you and your success.  I am passionate about helping you design, plan, grow, perform, and optimize your success because that it brings so much joy, fulfillment and freedom to your business and life.  I have an amazing team to be sure I don’t drop any balls 😊

      This is NOT another independent self-study course.

      I will be your guide every single week. 

      This is NOT a one size fits all approach to success.

      Everyone’s business success journey needs to be uniquely integrated with their life goals.

      This is a high-touch program to step more fully into your life and business for 12 months.

      I want to hear your struggles and help breakthrough everything that holds you back.

      We will be gauging your progress and have accountability every week to accelerate the knowledge, growth, productivity and implementation of the right  SMARTIES© for YOU

      This program is for you if:

       ✅ You'd like to multiply your influence & income with honest marketing

      ✅ You're want more joy & fulfillment that comes from amplifying your unique impact

      ✅ You want to create more balance, freedom and less overwhelm in your life

      ✅ You want the confidence and know-how to make better decisions more quickly

      ✅ You're done trying to do the hard way of randomness

      ✅ You want advice and support from a coach, peers, and subject matter experts

      ✅ You value coaching and accountability to stay clear and focused on your results

      ✅ You want better business results aligned with your authentic best self & life

      ✅ Unlocking your best self, best business and best life is a top priority for 2021 & beyond

      Who this is NOT for:

      Letter X Icon This is not for someone looking for a “done for you” solution to income.

      Letter X IconThis is not for someone that cannot be highly engaged to get transformation and results.

      Letter X Icon This is not for someone that is not ready to invest the time, money, and energy to get big results in the next 12 months.

      Letter X Icon This is not for someone who does not have entrepreneur passion and drive


      "I met Tammy McKinney shortly after I became a Realtor 4 years ago. The first thing that surprised me about Tammy is her willingness to help people. She gave me so much information during our initial conversation that I started thinking “shouldn’t she be charging for this?!” Tammy is a wealth of knowledge about life and business and understands that they go hand in hand. When Tammy offered her Mastermind for 2020, I jumped at the chance to work with her. She had a plan for each week, lead our zoom calls every Monday, and provided an abundance of information to help us stay focused in our businesses. Tammy consistently shows up and delivers. Through Tammy’s coaching, I feel much more organized and in control of my business plan and ready for 2021…even after such a crazy 2020 year. I highly recommend Tammy to help you achieve your personal and business goals." – Malesa Realtor

      "Partnering with Tammy McKinney is the best investment in your business and yourself. I knew that I wanted to make a career pivot and launch an online coaching business in 2020, but it never would have materialized without Tammy’s guidance and encouragement every step of the way. In her year-long Unlocked Entrepreneur Mastermind, I gained a mentor, a community, and a commitment that kept me showing up and making steady progress (no matter what challenges this 2020 pandemic had in store!) As a solopreneur and beginner, I felt really grateful to have a coach. I could easily have gotten overwhelmed in the sea of free business information online, but instead I had Tammy to keep me focused on my next right step. Every week I knew that I could count on her to show up with exactly what I needed - on Mondays, group coaching to grow my knowledge base; on Thursdays, office hours for personalized feedback; and in between, a bonus shot of encouragement on Facebook Tuesdays with Tammy. Her consistency is unparalleled. Her drive is contagious. I’m beyond grateful to have found a coach like her, and I can’t wait to continue growing my business with her in 2021. If you want to meet your goals, get yourself a Tammy McKinney!   ~ Dr. Audra  – writing coach

      "I have completed two Mastermind courses with Tammy.   I have grown greatly from both. Not enough can be said about the benefit of doing life and navigating challenges with like-minded people that dedicate time to growth.  Tammy does a great job of facilitating discussion and does not think twice about challenging participants to be better and do better.  She has a genuine desire to help people improve their lives by providing moral support, in-depth interpretation of the resource (book, usually) being studied, as well as everything her experience as a life coach brings to the table, which is a lot!  Since participating in the Mastermind sessions: In business I have become more direct with my team members while lifting them up at the same time.  In my personal life, I have shared the leadership skills and positive mindset guidelines discussed with my children and we work together on implementing them.  I learn more from people's trips and falls than from their "look what I've done", and Mastermind participants are willing to go there.  Many thanks to Tammy and her consistent offering of growth opportunities."  - Terri Smith Business Owner / serial entrepreneur

      "Tammy has been a great mentor to me in so many ways. Her positive outlook and friendly disposition always improves my day. I value the way she encourages me, but also challenges me to up my game, no matter what we are working on.”  - Michelle DeWine – Insurance Executive

      "When facing difficult choices in life, or just trying to figure out the right path for my life I have always found it helpful to turn to someone who could understand what I was searching for. If finding a compassionate, caring, knowledgeable person is you goal, then I would highly recommend Tammy McKinney"  - Diane – Exec Coaching client


      FAQ   Still have questions?

      Q: Do I have to pay for the whole year up front?
      A: Nope! The contract is for a year but we have payment options

      Q: Can we talk more specifics?
      A: Absolutely, schedule your call today!

      Q: Do I need to be on all calls LIVE?
      A: You will get more specific support LIVE but recordings will be posted

      Q: Do I have to know what is holding me back?
      A: Nope. We will get the clutter out and tap into your inner wisdom.

      Q: How long will I have access to the course?
      A: You will have lifetime access to the recordings from this training

      Q: Do I have only 12 months to complete the trainings?
      A: Every entrepreneur is at a different stage in business building. You will be given challenges for growth and transformation every week. You will have lifetime access to trainings to implement later.

      Q: When does enrollment close?
      A: To serve each client fully, enrollment only opens every quarter. ( DON’T WAIT 😊)

      Q: If I miss a training call how do I catch up?
      A: The UYES library

      Q: Will I have access to you?
      A: Yep, weekly calls and support during business hours

      Q: Is there a guarantee?
      A: I cannot guarantee your results. If you are not satisfied with the program, and you have done the work. I will prorate a refund but you will lose lifetime access to the UYES library.

      Q: How much time should I keep for this program?
      A: You want at least 3-5 hours a week to prepare and participate. However, this is your business and your life, what you invest will determine the speed of results.

      Q: I am not super techy, will this still work for me?
      A: Yep! To get new results it will always take time or money. Everything techy can be learned or outsourced.

      Q: I still have a question, who can I talk to?
      A: Set up your call today!


      The sooner you start, the sooner you can start the journey!  Trainings and implementation guides are always being added to the UYES library.

      I always have extra bonuses to offer!  APPLY and Get your call scheduled before the current bonuses go away.

      I do not want you suffering from indecision, overwhelm and struggling alone for one more year!  

      It really is just one click away.


       One critical thing I have learned on this journey to success as an entrepreneur:

      All successful entrepreneurs – whether you are creating a side business or ready to reach 7 figure incomes – you will accelerate your results in business and life with high quality support, coaching, training and community invested in unlocking your entrepreneur success.

      The sooner we chat, the faster your results will be.

      It’s your time to get bigger results in your business & your life. YOU ARE WORTH IT!




      We do not believe in get-rich-quick programs. We are here to share possibilities, permission, and support to.  Our programs are intended to help you unlocking the best version of yourself, your business, and your life..  As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our ideas, information, tools or coaching.  I don’t have to tell you; it takes hard work to succeed in business and life. Your results in this program and in life are up to you and the amount of effort and resources that you are willing to put into succeeding. We are here to help you by providing proven SMARTIES © that help you move forward to business and life success. Nothing on this page or any of our sites is a promise or guarantee of future earnings or results, and we do not offer any legal, tax, medical or other professional or similar advice. Any financial numbers referenced here, or on any of our sites, are simply estimates or projections, and should not be considered exact, actual or as a promise of potential earnings. The numbers should be considered for illustrative purposes only. In fact, the average person that purchases this and other programs never puts the work into implementing the strategies taught and therefore achieves little or no results. Our more detailed disclaimer, privacy policy and terms for this program and website can be accessed by the links below and by clicking the corresponding links before making a purchase. It’s all the regular legal jargon and nothing to be intimidated by, but we believe in transparency and maintaining a high standard of integrity and want you to feel good about this purchase! I’m so excited to work with you!


      APPLY TODAY