Powerful talks with Tammy

Keynotes / Breakouts / Panelist / Facilitator
(Virtual, Hybrid or On-stage) 

Want your event to return people to their work & life energized with new excitement?   YES! 
Let’s get them fired up about new approaches to old problems! 

Tammy McKinney brings an amazing combination of expertise on human performance, lessons from very challenging life experiences, and her radiant personality to all her work.  You will find that her engaging style is highly effective for getting important concepts to resonate with diverse groups of people on their unique life journey.
As a Success Coach for Business & Life, Tammy will set you up for success by delivering a highly motivational, actionable, and informative program aligned with the results you are looking for.

Some of Tammy’s impactful topics are:

  • Unlocking Your Best Life by Design

  • SMARTIES©  for Unlocking High Performance  

  • Mindsets for Joy, Fulfilment, and Freedom

  • Building a Leadership Culture that Works

  • Cultivating Your Authentic Best Self

  • Finding your clarity, creativity, & consistency in the chaotic

  • Building resilience for life’s inevitable challenges

  • From the hard stuff to the best stuff

  • 7 Keys to your optimizing life & business

  • Freedom from productivity over busyness 

  • Being your best when loved ones are struggling

With any topic, Tammy can provide implementation guides and additional resources or coaching to help event participants go deeper.

Tammy is a corporate exec that turned entrepreneur over 15 years ago.  She brings expertise to her speaking from coaching and teaching on the principles & best practices from many thought leaders on leadership, communication, business building, team development, human performance, and personal growth.  She has also certified with the John Maxwell team & LCIA for coaching, speaking & training. 

You will find that Tammy is a very passionate and compassionate businesswoman.  She is a woman of faith and often speaks to faith based groups on balancing faith with our self-leadership for God's best in our lives. .  She has raised 4 amazing humans through serious challenges and believes that everyone has more potential to be unlocked😊

If you don’t see the right topic for your event, let’s work together to customize an event that will energize and equip your audience to achieve the results you are looking for.     

I'd love to set up a time to discuss your goals:  www.ChatwithCoacthTammy.com