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Transformation Coaching for women - private 1 0n 1 coaching

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Transformation coaching is giving women the confidence and tools to navigate their ideal future and reach their potential. Working together, we define your unique gifts and values, and use them to create a strategic plan to achieve success on your own terms, honoring your core beliefs and values in everything you do.

There is a major shift that needs to happen when you want to find greater meaning in life, not just exist on auto-pilot. So many say they are stuck in a rut with their wheels spinning, going nowhere fast. My role is to come alongside you and help you overcome what is holding you back, then plan a wholehearted, joyful, purpose-filled journey forward.

This is especially important for today’s women who are leading fast-paced lives as professionals, entrepreneurs, community volunteers and caregivers. Career burnout, transitions such as entering the empty nest or divorce, or simply wanting more out of life, can have a huge impact on their professional success. I am dedicated to helping busy women regain focus, renew passion and revitalize lives to find greater self-fulfillment and productivity at work and at home.

Through the process, professional women simplify their lives as I teach them how to say “no” to the things that don’t fill them with energy and happiness, easing the stress and overwhelm that comes with trying to be "manager of the universe."

During the 12 week program you will have from me:

  • Weekly coaching will be done on audio or video in 55 minute session
  • Training and resources on topics that are relevant.
  • Worksheets to process and develop actionable steps. 
  • E-mail access for support during our weeks together. 

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We also offer intense 2 day programs for those willing to commit the time to unlock over a 48 hour period.  Contact us for more info about these intensives.