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Coaching - Success beyond your circumstances - private coaching

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Are you struggling to achieve the level of success and quality of life that you hope to attain? Do other people's choices or problems often consume your energy and distract you from your personal desires? A caring coaching partnership can help you evaluate your values, goals and priorities. Together we will remove roadblocks, define challenges and productive steps to move forward and pursue the life you are longing for.  

This coaching is most timely in the midst of feeling overwhelmed by life's circumstances and the need for direction and accountability to "take the next right steps" toward peace and freedom to tap into your potential and goals.  

Our coaching will be done on audio, skype, facetime, audio or in person during weekly 55 minute sessions.  You will have worksheets to process your thoughts and feelings and develop actionable steps.  

The more sessions you commit to up front, the better value.  We do recommend a minimum of 3 sessions in 5 weeks, to get started.  We also offer intense 2 day programs for those willing to commit the time to unlock over a 48 hour period.  Contact us for more info.