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Lunch and Learn - team training for companies

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Investing in your team is investing in your bottom line.

The use of an occasional lunch hour for training and development can stimulate employee engagement and extend your organization's development program without losing large blocks of productivity time. While individuals value their lunch periods as an opportunity to reset for the afternoon, an education program that invests in their growth, can be interesting and invigorating.   Of course, an alternative is to hold a session at a more ideal time of day.  

Typically these training times average 60-90 minutes packed full of information and interaction with the intent of creating a fun learning environment and building team connections.  At your discretion, it is always appreciated when a meal is provided but not required :)

Some of the great topics of impact are: 

· Leadership
· Personal Growth
· Communication through connection
· Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
· Learning from Failure
· Defining dreams, success and significance
· Charisma and powerful presence
- Engagement to influence 
· Self-awareness and self-care
· Team development in alignment with corporate values

Our goal is to have each person walk away with at least one mind changing idea that will create a desire for motivation and self- improvement to increase productivity personally  and in the organization.

Contact us about your first training or a weekly or monthly series.