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The Unlocked Entrepreneur - 6 month Mastermind for 2020

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If you are like me, the entrepreneur life can be so exciting and rewarding and so scary and lonely... in the same day... day after day.

Are you an entrepreneur ready to unlock BIG results in 2020? 

It's certainly been a crazy year to be in business, hasn't it?

Are you tired of trying to figure out "all the things" to be a successful entrepreneur on your own? Could you use some coaching and peers to support you?

We all go through times of feeling stuck, lonely or overwhelmed on the business building journey.  This year has added all new challenges with social isolation and new ways of doing business.    

Do you sometimes fear choosing the wrong next step, plan or goal?

I sure do know what it's like to get stuck in analysis paralysis, indecision and lack confidence while searching, working and hoping for the next breakthrough.  

Are you playing small because you fear rejection, failure or  disappointing people?

I believe you deserve to be a fully Unlocked Entrepreneur to experience the success and impact you desire.

This mastermind is for a group of driven entrepreneurs or company founders ready to embrace the journey of truly unlocking more of their best in life and business.

An Unlocked Entrepreneur experiences joy and fulfillment while unlocking their vision, passion, plans and BIG results in business and life.

This mastermind will support your success journey with coaching, training and community. This mastermind is a safe place to build associations and get accountability and work with thinking partners while learning from other innovators, guest entrepreneurs and me, your honored coach :)

What do you need to be an Unlocked Entrepreneur?

      There is a big difference between confidence and certainty.  Many entrepreneurs struggle with their confidence while creating their offers, gaining authority and building their business. Confidence will waver while you are striving to reach a specific number of followers, clients or income level. Wavering confidence leads to cycles of feeling discouraged, overwhelmed and frustrated.  These feelings keep you stuck when you need to be taking action.

      An Unlocked Entrepreneur has CERTAINTY in pursuit of their purpose and goals, despite the circumstances and opinions of others.  CERTAINTY replaces fear and doubt with the thoughts, feelings and actions to unlock your results.


          Everything you do in life requires energy to grow. The entrepreneur life can drain your passion and bring out your greatest insecurities.  When you are working so hard to figure it all out and to make it all work, it can be exhausting and draining in many areas of life.  

          An Unlocked Entrepreneur knows how to create positive ENERGY where needed for a well-integrated life. ENERGY is required to grow your business, relationships, joy and impact.


              Lack of clarity in your purpose and path creates confusion for your clients and frustration for you. Lack of clarity limits your ability to overcome obstacles, make the best decisions and achieve results faster.

              An Unlocked Entrepreneur has CLARITY in vision, purpose and the critical path to their desired results. CLARITY enables you to adapt to unexpected challenges and execute your plans for success.

              In this mastermind, we will unlock greater CERTAINTY, ENERGY and CLARITY on your critical path to YOUR results in the following areas:

                * WHY are YOU in business
                  * WHAT value only YOU can offer the world
                    * WHO do YOU serve best
                      * HOW to succeed in YOUR entrepreneur life
                        * WHERE to find and keep YOUR clients
                          * WHEN to take YOUR next step to go BIGGER

                            * WHAT will YOU do with all of YOUR success?!?!

                            What are the keys to unlocking?


                              You are a direct reflection of your peer group and who you follow. The right coaches, mentors and teachers for your vision are critical to your success. There is great power in being in the right community of committed peers.

                              This mastermind community provides ALLIANCES for entrepreneurs that are ready to commit to contributing and empowering each other on this journey to big results. We want YOU in this program if you are truly ready to take your life and your business to the next level in 2020. 


                                  Most entrepreneurs have tons of wonderful creative ideas and resources for making money and their impact in the world. The problem for many of us is that we get excited about many options. Entertaining multiple options splits our focus and limits the action we give toward the most important results.

                                  This mastermind will provide the framework, teaching and coaching to choose where to begin, next steps and specific ACTION to staying on course to reach your goals. 


                                      This is truly the biggest key to progress. If you have been trying to reach your goals and get new results on your own, you recognize the struggles of going it alone. Accountability serves to assist you along your unlocking journey. It requires you to accept responsibility for your actions and to stay true to your commitments.

                                      This mastermind will give you ACCOUNTABILITY with a coach and peer group. You will get the coaching and tools for measuring your activities, progress and results. 

                                      Are YOU ready to be an Unlocked Entrepreneur?

                                      I am ready to be your thinking partner and coach. I believe that YOU absolutely deserve to achieve great success in your business and make your impact in the world! 

                                      Do YOU believe that YOU deserve to be an UNLOCKED ENTREPRENEUR ? 

                                      This mastermind brings together your committed coach and a supportive community with proven ideas and different perspectives to unlock more than any of us can accomplish alone. 

                                      Here is how this mastermind will help YOU unlock the ALLIANCES, ACTION and ACCOUNTABILITY for YOUR big results in 2020:


                                        The 6 month program is officially launched July 1st, 2020- December 31, 2020

                                        * Early registration benefits start immediately! *

                                                I created this mastermind because I have experienced the struggles of the entrepreneur life for the past 14 years. I have invested much to learn the strategies, mindsets and actions to be successful. I am passionate about sharing the keys with you for unlocking greater success, joy and fulfillment in every area of your life and business. 
                                                    YOU will only get as much out of this program, as you put into it. This is not an information program, this is designed for implementation and unlocking big results in 2020 and beyond.

                                                        * Weekly group coaching: teaching from the topic and mastermind discussion for 60-90 minutes  (recorded and posted)

                                                        * Worksheets as appropriate to support building your business 

                                                        * Office Hours two hours a week to ask Tammy any questions in our Zoom room

                                                        * Tammy will bring in guest teachers as appropriate on special topics of interest

                                                        * Each participant will have a 1-on-1 strategy coaching session with Tammy for 60 minutes each quarter.

                                                        Each participant will have a 1-on-1 coaching session with Tammy for 30 minutes each month. (additional sessions can be purchased at a discount for MM participants)

                                                        * Private message access to Tammy with a 24 hour response


                                                          * Private FaceBook group to share resources, discuss relevant topics and support each other
                                                            * All participants agree to keep your information secure and confidential
                                                              * Challenges posted to take action and support each other
                                                                * Get input on your offers and content from the group
                                                                  * Accountability partnering between participants will be encouraged
                                                                    * Tammy will bring in guest teachers as appropriate on special topics of interest

                                                                      * We hope you will sign up today before the program closes and start getting value immediately!

                                                                      Feel free to set up a call with me to determine if this mastermind is best for you.  FREE strategy call

                                                                      *** You are getting coaching, community and teaching for less than $300/month****

                                                                      The value of any program like this is typically well over $3000- $5000 for 6 months.

                                                                      I am offering at this low price because I want to more fully develop the program with an awesome group of driven female entrepreneurs this year. I will pour tons of value into you so that you can claim BIG results in 2020 and beyond!

                                                                      Thank you for having a look at how this mastermind and how I can support YOU in 2020 on your journey to Unlocking your business, your impact, your success and your life. 

                                                                       Whatever you decide...

                                                                      THE WORLD NEEDS YOU
                                                                      UNLOCKING YOUR BEST LIFE & BUSINESS.
                                                                      YOU ARE WORTH IT!


                                                                      Always with hugs,


                                                                      If you want to set up a FREE consultation to see if this is a good fit for you, I'd be happy to chat.